where to donate this Giving Tuesday to help animals.

We’ve shopped the sales, supported small businesses, and gotten our tech on. Now, it’s time to donate whatever you’ve got leftover to some deserving nonprofits for Giving Tuesday. So many organizations rely on this day to help get their finances back on track in order to continue with their mission. This year, I’m working with ALIVE Rescue to help raise $10,000 in order to save 20 cats. There are many ways to give this Tuesday, but I’m going to tell you why this fundraiser is one to consider.

Starting today, you can donate and help us save 20 cats (so just donate now and you can ignore the rest of my pleas). On Saturday, December 2nd, we will be going to Chicago Animal Care and Control to bring cats to ALIVE’s Little Barn. Unfortunately, the city shelter is completely full and space is so limited so euthanasia is a possibility for some of our animals. The more money we raise, the more cats we can save, but our goal is 20.

**BONUS: If you donate to this fundraiser, you have the chance to win a $50 Fab’rik gift card. For every $5 donated, you receive one entry into the drawing.**

Obviously, 20 cats are no joke, and neither is their vet bills. The $10,000 will be earmarked just for their care and will go towards costs associated with these feline friends. If you’d like to help us reach our goal, donate here. Every little bit helps, I promise. I’ve already donated a week’s worth of Starbucks funds, and I know you can too. Help me save kitties just like my Roni and Cheese who will be absolutely ridiculous if given the chance.

If I haven’t sold you on the above fundraiser (and bummer need to work on my sales pitch) please consider donating to one of the animal charities below. I know money can be tight during the holidays, but I promise you, each of these organizations will use every penny and put it towards the welfare of animals.

Animal Focused Nonprofits

American Humane – A nonprofit that does everything animal related and does it well, you can guarantee your money will go towards helping all the animals live better lives.

Chicago Canine Rescue – If you love underdogs, this is the shelter to support. They’re currently working to get out of debt and need your help. Every dollar helps!

Humane League – Farm animals deserve proper care too. If pigs and cows are your thing, donate to this organization that has shown an awesome track record of how they use donations.

Spay IL – This organization offers low-cost veterinary care for both the public and rescue groups. Without their clinic, many dogs and cats would get the care they need.

Wildlife Conservation Network – I’m really into saving all animals and that means the wild ones too. This nonprofit works to protect animals and their habitats and has received the highest charity rating possible.

**Donate to any of these charities and you will receive 1 entry in the Fab’rik gift card drawing. Send payment receipt to christine@rescueinstyle.com**

These are my recommendations and where I know your money will be used to aid animals. There are many organizations to consider this Giving Tuesdays so please, whatever your passions, please make a donation.

I leave you with some cute pictures just in case you aren’t already convinced. All these animals were saved by ALIVE Rescue and all the good work they do.

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