why k9 4 Keeps inspires me.

Hello hello! I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote a post, but I suppose that’s what a vacation is supposed to do. I spent the past weekend in NYC and met some amazing new humans and pups. Stay tuned for all that fun! In the meantime, let me tell you why you need to know about K9 4 Keeps.

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day, a day to champion for gender equality. It’s also a day to celebrate the women who are doing amazing things in the world. Coming from the male-dominated finance world, Rescue in Style has been a breath of fresh air. This community I’ve been introduced to has so many women doing some kickass work, including K9 4 Keeps director, Erin Linklater.

I met Erin through another woman, Andreana Droz Pena (owner of Arrf Scarf – more on her later).We scheduled a shoot and Erin was able to corral six dogs to photograph. To me, this was astounding. It can be hard to gather foster dogs at the same time/place but it was no problem for Erin. To me, that means that volunteers respect and trust her. They got up early, waited around, and praised their foster dog, all because Erin asked them to.

K9 4 Keeps is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue. They take whatever dogs from owner-surrenders and over-crowded shelters. Which is why they predominantly have plenty of loving pitties looking for a home. I’m going to introduce you to three of them shortly, don’t worry!

This rescue organization is dedicated to keeping dogs in the homes they are placed. They have educational programs as well as counseling new owners. K9 4 Keeps wants a dog and their owners to find their happily ever after forever. They’re doing a wonderful job and providing some much-needed relief to the Chicagoland shelters, and Erin is doing a fantastic job of keeping the volunteers motivated. It’s inspiring as a woman and an entrepreneur to see her doing a hell of a job.

I’m excited to continue to follow along with all they are doing and all the upcoming fun. Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook for all the fun!

There are a lot of women doing fantastic things… tell me who inspires you in the comments below!


Alright, I told you I had three cuties for you to meet, let’s get started, shall we??

Meet Kalani, this sweet girl is honestly beautiful. She’s got a light brindle color that almost looks spotted. She knows how to sit and she’s easy to walk on a leash. She’s great with dogs and cats (hayyy!) and is already crate trained. So, she’s pretty much a dream girl. I mean, look at her!! For more information on Kalani, click here.

Um, THIS PUPPY! Meet Pinkie, a six-week-old Pittie mix that was found freezing on the side of the road in Chicago. She gives so many kisses and would like to snuggle right up in your neck if you’d let her. She’s obviously a puppy so you’ll need to put in some training but with this cute face, I don’t think that will be so hard. For information about Pinkie, fill out an application here.

And last but not least, Eleanor. This sweet, sweet girl actually won over my husband. He was interested in adopting her but we are heading out of town in a week so timing wasn’t quite right. Luckily, she wasn’t available for long. She’s found her forever home! Yay Eleanor!


Spring is hard. It’s like, sweaters? Jackets? Dresses? Flats? Welp, my spring motto is whatever the heck you want. Because all of us are totally unsure of the weather so it’s the perfect time to experiment. Sadly all these items are from last season but I’ve paired similar items below!



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2 thoughts on “why k9 4 Keeps inspires me.”

  1. If I didn’t already have 2 rescue pitties who need my love I would adopt all of them!! UGH my heart!! Thank you for always doing this.
    Thank you for always stopping by! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    1. I know, we’re getting back from Florida in 2 weeks and I will be adopting all the dogs at that point 🙂 I cannot wait!

      Thanks for reading!

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