why it’s a pittie.

American Pit Bull Terriers are the most common dog found in shelters. Unlike my last post, there’s no debate here. Between BSL, overpopulation, and breed bias, the APBT has a hard time finding it’s forever home. I found more than 10 organizations in the Chicagoland area alone who specifically care for and rehome pit bull type dogs. You may have read my post about Peace for Pits and their amazing work, and now I’m here to showcase another rescue focusing on this loveable breed, It’s a Pittie.

It’s a Pittie rescue has been around for quite some time but became a household name when the story of one of their dogs went viral. Mama Petunia was found wandering the streets of Chicago severely burned, broken, and pregnant. She was taken in at It’s a Pittie where she quickly became a favorite and somewhat celebrity. Through all her pain and rough life, Petunia couldn’t have been sweeter. After giving birth and being the best mom, she sadly lost the battle to her broken body.

It was this note from her treating veterinarian that made me cry (you’ve been warned) not because of the sadness, but because of how loving she was. You see, this baby was without a doubt tortured, hurt, and totally unloved until It’s a Pittie. Somehow through all that suffering she was still gentle and affectionate towards people. I am in awe of these creatures who know nothing but pain and yet still show nothing but love. We could learn something from them.

While her stay with It’s a Pittie was short, it was most certainly impactful. Because of her, people learned about the organization and it grew. The rescue now has an extensive network of volunteers and fosters and because of Petunia, hundreds of pitties have been saved. There are currently almost 100 dogs in foster care at It’s a Pittie. How incredible is that?

It’s a Pittie is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue based in Lockport, IL. For our photo shoot, two devoted foster parents drove to the outskirts of Chicago with their furry babies to meet me. Both were incredibly kind and easygoing (more on that in a bit!) and were obsessed with the breed. Their enthusiasm was palpable and you could see how much they truly cared for these dogs.

I had an absolute blast working with and getting to know more about It’s a Pittie. I don’t need any more convincing that Pibbles are amazing animals, but to those who do, let this post end your doubt. They don’t deserve to be the villains they’ve been cast as. I dare you to meet any of these pups and not fall in love. Try me.

What’s your favorite story of animals showing love in the darkest places? Let me know in the comments below!


I know, I know, I say this like all the time, but these dogs are the cutest. Okay, all dogs are the cutest, but like, take a peek at these two little lovebugs.

Remember when I said that the foster parents were easygoing? Yeah, when you drive to Chicago and then your dog rolls and soaks in a mud puddle and you laugh? I’d say that’s easygoing. Sweet, sweet Honey was such a goof and simply loved being loved. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Indiana along with 68 other dogs. She was used for breeding and most certainly kept in a confined area because she’s missing a bit of her bottom lip. But that’s okay because she’s not bothered by it and now she looks like she’s permanently sticking out her tongue. She loooves humans but would be best as the only dog in the house. For more information on Honey, click here.

I didn’t think anyone could compete with Honey, but Venus brought her A game. If you’ve ever wondered what a Pittie would look like in a Frenchie’s body, look no further. This little nugget was teeny tiny with ears certainly bigger than her body. She was born in foster care and is currently living with both her mom and dad in foster. She’s ready for her own home, although preferably without grass or stairs. She has a slight allergy to grass (so she’s currently taking Benedryl) and the poor girl is not into steps. So condo city-living would be ideal! For more information on this little nugget, click here.


This weather complicates things. Some days it’s warm and 55, others, it’s raining and 30. So, in summary, this transition weather is all about layers. I love this top I got from Lou & Grey (psst: it’s on major sale) because it’s 100% cotton so it’s light but also warm. I could definitely wear it with some shorts in the summer. I’ve paired it with my favorite Woodwood jeans, gap jacket, and gym shoes that ended up covered in mud. They clean off pretty easily so I’m not worried 🙂 Shop the look below!



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All photos are the work of Margaret Rajic.

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