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I’m currently on my way to NYC (with that Nor’easter trying to keep me in Chicago) so stay tuned to my Instagram for fun updates! But in the meantime, while I’m gone, I wanted to let you know of a few events coming up that you should probably attend. The title of my post might come off as aggressive but bear with me. You need to get out there and support causes you care about because they need you.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an event with Joriki Yoga at Illuminate Spa. Joanna B Artistry, Brooke Klay Artistry, and Daria Pochesnaya donated their services and in the end, we gave more than $500 to Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.

The best part of the event was that people wanted to apply to adopt the Bulldogs that attended the event. It’s because of this that I truly believe events matter. I wholeheartedly believe in donating to charities and encourage people to donate all the time (some might say too much). But when you attend events, you make a huge impact. Your champion the cause you’re supporting by talking about the cause with friends and family (and maybe your followers).

I’m a huge believer in showing up and if two of my busiest friends could find time in their schedules, I know we can all find time in ours. Whatever cause you’re passionate about, go support it. They’ll appreciate it and you won’t regret it.

Need suggestions? Here are a few (animal-related) events coming up in Chicago… take your pick! Be sure to stay tuned for more details about my upcoming Yoga with your dog night benefitting Chicago Canine Rescue. PS: Grab your tickets to Sip and Sew before they sell out!

Upcoming Events in Chicago


I didn’t want to post these pictures because I absolutely fell in love with Mia and wanted to be sure I couldn’t have her first. Sadly, she just wouldn’t be a great fit with small dogs and cats but she’s the sweetest pup… ever. Oh, she’s also a tripod. So, she’s basically perfect. She’s a young pittie mix that came in with a severely broken leg that CCR had no choice but to amputate. I promise if you adopt her, you won’t be disappointed… more of Mia here.

And then there’s Cadence. This high energy pup would do so well in an active home. He’s super cute and some sort of beagle mix that who loves treats. This will definitely come in handy when it comes to training because he’ll do just about anything for them. He’s a good, happy boy looking for his forever home. To learn more about Cadence, click here.


I love this panda bear crop top. Perfect for workouts and go outs. It’s available through Joriki right here.



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