Why Chicago Canine Rescue needs your help

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Okay cool now that you’ve bought your ticket, let’s talk about something else super important. Right now, Chicago Canine Rescue could really use your help. So much so, they recently sent out a plea sharing their financial struggles. You see, running a rescue is expensive, like more than $700,000 a year expensive. Unfortunately, CCR also hit quite the rough patch this past summer. A couple of events happened that put them in a financially difficult situation.

Their rent increased from $5,900 to $6,500. That’s a 10% increase in rent which is a huge new expense to cover. Sixty-five hundred dollars a month simply to keep a roof over their head. If you’ve ever been to CCR (if you haven’t what are you waiting for?!) you know they have a lot of space. While they do a fantastic job keeping it clean and maintained, it’s certainly not fancy. I was shocked when I found out how much they have to pay for their physicial space.

Of course, a physical space is expensive but it’s essential to what they are doing. A physical shelter allows them to save more dogs than they would be able to as a foster-based organization. They care for about 50 dogs at their facility. Chicago Canine Rescue has a fantastic foster program, but not nearly enough fosters to handle all those dogs. Their physical shelter is a huge asset to the Chicago rescue community. Without them, so many underdogs wouldn’t have their shot.

Chicago Canine Rescue brings in dogs that aren’t the easiest to adopt out. They spend a lot of money on dogs before they are able to be adopted. Seniors in need of major dental surgery, dogs needing lumps removed (see Kamek), and even hernias are all welcomed at CCR. They spend thousands of dollars on dogs which the adoption fees don’t even begin to cover. They take on some super serious cases because they care so deeply about these animals. These medical cases aren’t cheap and they are another reason why they could desperately use donations.

When it rains, it pours, which honestly could have helped when their washer and dryer broke. This isn’t the type of machine you’d find at Sears either. Theirs was an industrial one that costs thousands of dollars. Shelters rely on these machines daily to clean the towels, blankets, and odds and ends. A washer and dryer aren’t luxury items, they’re necessities.

This post isn’t meant to bum you out, but it is a reality check. Running a shelter is not cheap, and when issues come up, you rely on generous donors to get you through. So here is where you can help, if you want to help Chicago’s underdogs, this is the rescue for you. You can donate any amount and rest assured it’ll be put to use immediately. There are so many ways you can make an impact. You can make a gift in honor of a loved companion, you can sponsor an adoption fee, heck, you can even pay for a dog’s surgery.

If donations aren’t currently possible for you, consider volunteering! You can walk a dog and hang out with some pretty adorable pups. Want to take it a step further? Well, you can take a squishy pup home with you and be a foster! Here are all the details… fostering saves lives!

Lastly, Chicago Canine Rescue’s biggest fundraiser is their annual Mutt Strut. It takes place on Saturday, October 20 so sign up now. You can bring your dog, dress up in 80s attire, and join the fun. It’s a 1.5 mile walk in the Southport Corridor, aka the cutest neighborhood in Chicago. It’s bound to be a blast and it’s totally family-friendly. Get your tickets asap.

I love everything that Chicago Canine Rescue is doing and I want to see them flourish. They do such invaluable work and save so many lives here in Chicago and beyond. I’m thankful to have them in my hometown.


Kamek – One of the dogs I mentioned above, this sweet thing is awaiting surgery on his back leg. He’s about two years old and he’s absolutely a doll. He is a low-key office favorite. He’s friendly with other dogs and will give you plenty of cuddles. For more information on Kamek, click here.

Dillinger – This boy is my favorite and he has since found his forever home! Congrats big boy!


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All photos: Margaret Rajic


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