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Welp. It happened. We adopted our very own dog! To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I can’t wait to tell you all about her, but as she settles in and we get to know one another even better, I have something else to talk about. This past weekend I was in Charleston for my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. We had a blast and even snuck in some time to visit Pounce Cat Cafe.

At this point in my “blogging career” I’ve been able to go to three cat cafes, and each one is completely unique. What makes Pounce unique? Well, they happen to have the highest adoption rate in the country for cat cafes. Through their cafe, they’ve adopted out more than 700 cats since 2016. Say whaaaa?!

In 2016, Annaliese and Ashley, two friends from college, decided to open the first ever cat cafe in the South. They haven’t slowed down since, in fact, the biggest struggle they’ve had is keeping Pounce stocked full of adoptable cats. They once had to close the cafe because all the cats had been adopted. Ashely and Annaliese are currently in the process of opening up a second location in Savannah.

They are partnered with the Charleston Humane Society who “supplies” the cats for adoption. At any one time, Pounce has between 15-20 cats roaming around and hanging with patrons. The average stay for a cat is 10 days, and a kitten, only about 3. in July of last year, they had 4,000 visitors come through their cafe.

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What are they doing oh-s0-well that has led to so much success? Beyond the fact that they serve beer, wine, and locally made pastries, Pounce does an incredible job at creating a space that you want to be in. It’s vintage yet modern, and extremely Instagram worthy. It’s the opposite of what people envision when they picture a shelter and I think that’s why it works. It’s approachable, trendy, and full of the cutest cats just waiting for their forever homes.

When speaking with Annaliese, we both agreed that the cat cafe model is a great way to introduce people to adoption. It’s a way for those who wouldn’t normally approach a shelter to fall in love with an animal that needs a home. People come into the cat cafe out of curiosity or because they want to spend time with cats, not necessarily to bring home a pet. For the most part, the only visitors that shelters have are those interested in adopting.

The new approach to adoption is clearly working. The stats speak for themselves. And if they don’t, let me assure you, we were prepared to walk out of Pounce with a new nugget of our own. If you’re ever in the Charleston area, I highly recommend checking them out. If you do go, have a drink for me and pet all the pretty kitties!


I spent a little time with some cats but here are a few of my favorite.

Remy – This sassy but sweet man loves to sleep and prefers you to respect that. He is super photogentic with his white mustache. To see if Remy is right for you, click here.

Loki – The most outgoing and playful, Loki loves people and causing a ruckus. He gave me all the kisses and was super happy. For more information about Loki, click here.

Buckles – This sweet boy didn’t mind being held. He was happy to hang out in your arms for a bit while you loved on him. Buckles is all sorts of sweet and cuddly. To cuddle with this bug for every, click here.


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