Where I thought I’d be at 31

*If you’d like to support Rescue Chicago’s mission, you can donate here or through Zelle/Quickpay using the email address Donate@rescuechi.com.

Today is my 31st birthday. As one does on birthdays, I took some time to reflect and evaluate where I am and where I thought I would be. I thought I’d always be a follower, a passive audience member in life. I doubted I could make a real impact, doubted I would be any sort of leader, and most certainly doubted I was anything beyond average. But today, I’m no longer doubting myself.

In the last two years, I’ve started a business, launched a merchandise line, and found my passion. But perhaps above all of that, I’m most proud that I recently founded a charitable foundation with two good friends.

Rescue Chicago was formed organically as a result of Thurston. In saving a single dog, Margaret Fraser, Tara Majeed, and I realized one thing: it takes teamwork to get an animal out of our city shelters. It was through this experience that we saw an opportunity to support the rescue community. 

How does Rescue Chicago support organizations? In short, any way we can. There are so many people wanting to get involved in rescue but have no idea where to start. Our mission is to connect those people with opportunities to help rescues. Whether it’s fostering, transporting, fundraising, volunteering, or donating, we are filling in the gaps when needed. 

Our first ever program in uniting the rescue community is the Chicago Shelter Animal Transporters. We realized that rescues struggled with finding volunteers to transport animals from our local shelter to their fosters or rescue facilities. So our idea was to create a group of people who already volunteer with any rescue in Chicago to help with these transports. Now we have more than 125 people in the transport group and 90% of transport requests are filled so rescues can focus on other things besides transporting logistics.

The other part of our goal was to create a welcoming and approachable environment for those wanting to get involved. When I first started in rescue, I was overwhelmed with all the different ways to help. So, Rescue Chicago created a volunteer survey that anyone who wants to get involved can fill out. We keep those responses on file and when a rescue wishes for help, we match responses from the survey to the rescue’s need. Easy peasy.

Not only do we like to connect people to volunteer opportunities but because we are 501(c)3, we can accept donations to help our city pets. We recently donated $250 to the heartworm treatment of Tig for any rescue that pulls him. By sponsoring local pets and helping provide care, we hope to take away some of the financial burdens from rescues. We also provide financial support to fosters needing walkers/daycare, medical care for low-income pet owners, and supplies for adoptable animals.

We’ve also created an Amazon Wishlist to help provide many treats and toys for the animals at CACC. 

If I’m being honest, my life isn’t anything like I thought it would be at 31. I never dreamed I could be this confident in what I was doing. I never thought I would be someone to be proud of. But here I am, more proud than I ever have been of everything I’ve accomplished and eager because this is only the beginning. 

If you’d like to support Rescue Chicago’s mission, you can donate here or through Zelle/Quickpay using the email address Donate@rescuechi.com.


A huge thanks to Mutts of the Midway for bringing these awesome dogs to our shoot! Stay tuned for all the info on Mutts of the Midway!

China – China is 4.5 years old and good with other dogs. She is a goofy girl that likes to watch TV with her people and dogs. Some of her favorite shows are The Office, Parks and Rec, and Modern Family. All of China’s details can be found here!

Holly is 1.5 years old and good with her 3 foster siblings. She likes to take walks with her foster parents and especially her foster siblings Tiger. She has done a little with agility and loves to lounge around when she isn’t going for walks or running around in the back yard. Take a peek at all of Holly’s wonderfulness here


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