what you can do to help save the puppies

As I type this, I’m 8 hours into my 15-hour car ride to Florida. By the time you read this, I’ll be avoiding the sun and constantly searching for WiFi. What can I say, tropical vacations just aren’t my thing. But you didn’t come here for me to rant about my aversion to the sunshine, so let’s move on, shall we? Something equally fun to talk about… puppies.

Today is #NationalPuppyDay which means it’s a day to celebrate all things puppy, and more importantly how we can help them! About two weeks ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an emotional video posted by ALIVE Rescue. One of their puppies lost its battle with Parvo and ALIVE was frustrated.

Canine parvovirus (parvo) is a serious and highly contagious virus that is often deadly for puppies. The illness usually presents itself in the intestinal tract leading to vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Parvo is either directly from one dog to another or through oral-fecal contact. Meaning if a dog smell’s another dog’s infected feces, they can become ill. It’s an extremely hard virus to clean and it can live in soil for up to a year. On top of all this, if a puppy has parvo, it’s extremely expensive to treat.

Now, it’s not all bad news. There is an inexpensive and readily available vaccine that works wonders. Puppies should be vaccinated at six, 12, and 16 weeks to effectively protect them from the virus. The problem comes when puppies with parvo are dumped in shelters. Since it spreads so rapidly, it’s really hard to contain and it’s hard for rescues to keep up with costs of treatment.

That’s why ALIVE Rescue is going to do something about it. I’ve told you how Badass they were before, but in case you needed more proof. They’ve started the Parvo Prevention Project, a campaign dedicated solely to helping eradicate the illness from Chicago. They received a grant and they’re going to be using it to save the puppies! ALIVE has tracked where the parvo is initiating from and they’ve pinpointed an area in Chicago. They’re planning on giving 3,000 vaccines to puppies in need with a specific focus on that location.

So what can you do to help puppies? Make sure your dogs are vaccinated and considering donating to ALIVE to support their efforts. No puppy should have to face such a struggle so early in life, and we can ensure they don’t have to.


Oh man, so many puppies so little time! Puppy season is upon us people so if you want a puppy, now’s your time!

LaCroix – This special pup is nothing short of amazing. He’s paralyzed in his back legs but it hasn’t slowed him down! He’s got the cutest wheelchair to help him cruise. He’ll need a home that is understanding of how to care for him and is eagerly awaiting his forever home. For more information about LaCroix, click here.

Calamity – this sweet, cute lady has been diagnosed with hydrocephaly and will need a few more vet visits until she is available for adoption.

The rest of the cuties have found their forever homes! Congrats Dakota, Paloma, Bean and Sprout on your happily ever after!


This shoot was very special because I teamed up with The Beachwaver Co. to raise awareness of adoptable puppies for #NationalPuppyDay. Take a peek at my interview here. I used their Beachwaver S1 and it was so easy to use. I’ll be buying one for everyone on this year’s Christmas list! I just scooped up this top from Nordstrom and if this doesn’t say spring, I don’t know what does! Shop the look below.



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