What one year with cats taught me.

Growing up, I never considered myself a “cat person.” I only grew up with dogs (and a few guinea pigs) but always hoped I’d get a cat at some point. Flash forward to last winter when we decided we would foster kittens while patiently waiting until the weather turned warm enough for a dog. Well, we failed on that whole fostering thing and found ourselves the proud parents of two cats. So what did we learn in our first year? Let me tell ya…

Cats are weird. Like so weird. If you follow me on my Instagam stories, you’ll see a few of their antics, but they never cease to amaze me. From Roni’s squeaks to Cheese’s ability to fit in weird places, they are always making me laugh.

It’s their world. I’m just living in it. Everything is pretty much on their terms. When I try to snuggle them or force them to hang out with me, they’re not having it. But then I wake up at 3 am with Cheese nuzzling into my neck and Roni sleeping next to me and my heart melts.

They’re like toddlers. Now I’ve never had toddlers, but I’ve babysat them and I know you can’t let them out of your sight for long. Just when I think I’ve totally cat-proofed my home, Cheese finds something to get into. It definitely keeps things interesting.

They’re not dogs. I was pretty confident that I’d be able to train them and have some really well-mannered kittens. Sigh. Not the case. Cats don’t care to please you so it’s nothing like I imagined it would be. We’re still working on getting Cheese to stay off the countertops. Please send help.

Cats are busybodies. I’m not sure anyone says that anymore, but they’re always up in my business. From sleeping to cooking, they need to know what’s going on at all times. They have to know exactly what your doing at all times. May or may not include showering.

They love deeply. Cats love you on their terms and it’s not the constant affection I’m used to from dogs. But when they show you they love you with head bumps, neck nuzzles, and rare kisses, it’s a connection like no other.

Cats are nbhp0. Take that as you will, that was literally Cheese typing. I kid you not out he just ran across my keyboard to tell you what he thinks of this post. And I think that’s the perfect way to end my thoughts on cats.

So what did I learn? A lot. Mostly that I never understood cats until I had one (two) of my own. They’re quirky yet intelligent and brighten up my day. The most important takeaway? I can’t remember my life without these two knuckleheads.

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we decided to take family photos. Yes, family photos with our cats because that’s a thing people! Pet photography is something some people haven’t heard of but it seemed so obvious to us. Amy Bone was perfect for the job, she worked quickly and so well with the our two cats. We had a blast shooting and even more fun seeing the photos. Be sure to follow along with her fun… you may recognize a few familiar faces!

So tell me, do you have cats? What have you learned about them and what amazes you? Let me know in the comments below!

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