What i’ve learned after four years of blogging, working in rescue, and starting my own business.

Four years ago I emBARKED (see what I did there?!) on this little adventure. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a fashion blogger with her dog. I was bummed to see she had purchased the dog from a breeder because immediately I saw the potential and the value of her platform for rescue animals. Pairing fashion and adoptable animals seemed to be a no-brainer as a scoured the internet looking for what I was envisioning. Surely someone was doing something like this somewhere, right? Turns out, nobody was. So I decided to do it myself.

Two months later, my first post was published and I was hitting the ground running (slowly jogging?) I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I loved doing it. Since then, I’ve featured more than 550 animals including dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, and even a chicken. The rescue community was welcoming and we worked together to introduce a new audience to the world of adoption.

A lot has changed since I started this blog; my eating habits, my photography (thanks Margaret Rajic!), my style (I’ll always cringe at this outfit), my involvement in rescue, and my sense of self. It hasn’t always been easy and there are plenty of things I wish I did differently. But, they aren’t mistakes, they’re lessons. And I’ve learned a lot of lessons over four years.

2020 was a low point for many of us for many reasons, myself included. Last year was a lot of growth both personally and professionally. As I think about my fifth year, I want to be more thoughtful with my platform. I hope to have more real conversations about what rescue should be in 2021 and how we can do better. What does the pet-owning community truly need so fewer animals end up in our shelters? How can we support people so they don’t have to turn to backyard breeding for financial reasons? What can we do to not only educate on the importance of spay/neuter, but also provide resources for low-income individuals?

As you can see, I have so many thoughts and very few answers. It’s truly an exciting time in rescue because there is so much change. Rescue four years ago is not the same as it is today and neither is Rescue in Style. I look forward to year five, its lessons, and its triumphs.

Thank you for being here, whether, for my first post or this one, I appreciate you.


Mufasa: This snuggly, sweet one-year-old boy was nothing but love. He was totally fine being held and loves playing with toys. He’d be great with another kitty as well!

Xola: Gorgeous? Check. Sassy? Double-check. But I mean, when you have looks like this, it’s okay to be a diva. Xola will let you know what she likes (head pets and string toys) and what she does not (you trying to be all over her all the time). She came from a hoarding situation so she never truly learned to trust humans and would love a gentle soul to show her kindness.

Rorschach: Just like the psychological inkblot test he was named after, this kitty will keep you guessing. He’s hilarious, full of pranks, and loves small and medium-sized dogs. He is a lone ranger kind of cat and his knack for hunting feet makes him better suited for an adult-only home. But trust me, with Rorschach, you’ll have all the entertainment you need!

Amund: If Rorschach is too spicy, consider this mellow mushroom gentleman. This six-year-old is great for first-time cat owners and would love to call you his people. He’s a sweet angel and perfectly mannered!


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