West Suburban Humane Society’s brand new facility and what it means to the animals that stay there

A few weeks ago I was invited out to meet some adoptable animals from West Suburban Humane Society. I was thrilled because it was the first time in a long time I was going to be working with a new rescue. It meant I could ask a bunch of questions, explore their facility, and find out what rescue means to them. My favorite days are the ones spent chatting with people in different rescue organizations.

After meeting Piper, we headed over to the brand-spanking-new West Suburban Humane Society. Immediately I was in awe. The outside of the building was sleek but welcoming, a place you’d absolutely want to step inside and explore. Once inside, I was even more in awe. It was clean, bright, and a sense of happiness hummed through the air. Due to COVID-19, there are restrictions in place, so while it was quieter than normal, it was still full of love.

The cat rooms are a feline’s dream. They are full of toys, towers, and plenty of warm sun spots for lazy cats to lounge through the day. I briefly wondered if Roni and Cheese felt neglected without such furnishings. The cat rooms are designed with spaces for shy cats and outgoing cats, for those who want to socialize and those who’d prefer not to. There is also a room just for mischievous kittens that I could have stayed in all day. I’ll be writing a full post about cats in the coming weeks, but suffice it to say, I had the best time and I fell in love with multiple cats including this three-legged lady Panda.

After visiting my feline friends, it was time to check out how the dogs live during their stay at WSHS. I was again floored with the design of the kennel rooms and how thoughtful everything was planned out. Dogs have access to the outdoors in their runs. They can of course be closed at night, but it’s so nice they have the option to be in the open air when they want to be. WSHS also has a few very large playlots that dogs can spend time chasing balls, learning basic commands, and just being a dog off-leash.

The final stop on our tour was a small auditorium-type room. A place that people can gather, celebrate, and educate. Of course, this was completed right before COVID-19 hit so they haven’t been able to use this space as they want. I have no doubts the room will be a hub for the community to share ideas and encourage best practice animal welfare.

Beyond the impressive physical structure of WSHS, it was obvious how loved the animals are. They’re doted on by volunteers who spend hours with each animal. Everyone knows each dogs’ quirks or which cats like toy wands. More than anything else, WSHS is a loving place that welcomes people to adopt. It’s a space for community, education, and compassion.

The effort made by staff and volunteers is apparent when looking at their numbers. Each year they adopt out more than 600 animals. I have a feeling that number will only increase as their new facility becomes a resource in the community.

West Suburban Humane Society is an incredible organization that has been working to save animals since 1972. I can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish in the coming years with a brand new building, the support of the community, and the people working tirelessly to save animals.

A huge thank you to WSHS for having me out, I look forward to visiting again soon!


David – This handsome polite boy is one of their longer term pups. He came up from Tennessee with a litter of other puppies. Since being with WSHS, David has learned so many commands. He’s really smart, is treat-motivated, and wants desperately to have a home for the New Year! David would do best as the only pet in the home, but he does well on walking and is learning to be a very good boy with his manners. He’ll make a family very happy!

Whimsey – This lady has been adopted!! Be sure to check out all the adoptable dogs that WSHS has!


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