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Well, I’m riding a little namaste high… Real Dog Moms of Chicago and I hosted our Doga event last night and man was it a success! For the most part, the dogs behaved themselves and actively participated in Shavasana the whole time. We raised more than $500 for Chicago Canine Rescue and even met two cuties looking for their homes. It was a fun evening full of laughter and ridiculousness. Scroll below for a few of my favorite photos.

pictured: Glen’s Foster Mom, Lindy & Jes of Real Dog Moms of Chicago, Glen, Me(!), Dickens’ & his Foster Dad, Beckie from Chicago Canine Rescue

With the success of last night, I needed to update my calendar of events that support the local rescue organizations here in Chicago. A few events I wanted to shout out quickly:

Art Unleashed is Chicago Canine Rescue’s annual fundraiser and I’ll be there tomorrow night for all the fun. The art-themed event will showcase local artisans and feature beautiful artwork. I also helped secure a few custom pieces from The Rescue Designs so you KNOW that silent auction is going to be laaaagit. Ticket available here.

Famous Fido has its annual Celebration of Life on Friday, May 11. You know I’m a huge supporter of this organization and all the wonderful things they are doing to help the underserved animals in our community. It’s at the Stan Mansion so you know it’ll be a great time. Tickets available here.

Real Estate to the Rescue is hosting a Cubs/Sox outing on Saturday, May 12. With our divided household, you know my husband and I will be going! The fun starts at Deuces and Diamonds and then everybody heads to Wrigley to watch the CrossTown classic. Join us, tickets available here.

Lastly, save the date for Tuesday, June 5 for a Pilates class like no other – PAW-lates. Join me at Frog Temple Pilates for a one-hour mat class and then meet some adoptable Greyhounds from Greyhounds Only! Tickets and details coming, stay tuned!

Looking for more? Oh, I’ve got you covered. Here is a calendar of events for all the good rescue events coming up. As always, if you have something to add, please email me!


As I mentioned, we met two adorable, adoptable,  and perfect pups last night.

Glen – Um, when you sit on the floor and a 40-pound dog comes up to you and sits in your lap, I think the law says you have to take them home. If I hadn’t just adopted Rawlings, I wouldn’t have hesitated giving this boy the best forever home. Cuddles galore! To find out if your lap is destined to be Glen’s forever, click here.

Dickens – For some reason, I wanted to call this boy Spencer all night. I’m not sure if that’s because he’s just so handsome or because he is a smart boy, but either way, he’s also the best. He takes treats gently and knows some basic commands. I have no doubt he’d be perfect in almost any home. To check out Dickens’ profile, click here.


Decked out in my latest Joriki clothing, I’ve already been stopped and asked about these leggings! They’re brand new and the black is not yet available online but you can find grey ones here. This panda top and sports bra are also available from Joriki. I love a company that gives back and is all about doing their part in a community.



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