ultimate holiday gift guide for cat lovers.

Happy Friday friends! It’s finally Winter here in Chicago, just in time for part two of my holiday gift guide. Last week we focused on our canine loving friends but this week it’s all feline. I’m keeping this post short and sweet because we’ve all got some shopping to do.

Before I get to the list, just wanted to very quickly let my friends in LA know we are thinking of them. The Ventura County Humane Society is sheltering hundreds of animals. To help animals affected by the fire, click here.

1. Custom Pet Magnets – Functional and comical, you can make your pets’ face into a magnet. It’ll keep all those baby/wedding/party announcements right in their place.

2. Cat Composition Pillow – Perhaps my favorite item on the list (can I choose favorites?) this pillow is the cutest detail to any cat loving home. Pick from multiple breeds and descriptions to customize the perfect accent pillow.

3. Cat Face Sweater – I might wear my Treat Dreams dog sweatshirt a lot, but I love this simple cat loving statement. Already in my shopping cart and an easy gift for any feline aficionado.

4. Custom Pet Illustration – Pretty much anything custom is a pet owners dream. This classic and cute prints created just for your friend’s cat is the ultimate gift.

5. Custom Coffee Mug – You may have seen this on my instagram stories because when I got this in the mail, obsessed was an understatement. Pick you pets’ likeliness, add their name, and voila, you can take your furry friend everywhere.

6. Cat Ear Headphones – While I can’t speak to the sound quality, the cuteness factor is insane. Perfect for the on-the-go cat lover in your life!

7. Bookend Set – If your cat-loving friend also loves books (stereotype alert: most do) then these bookends are a must have.  Bonus: they’re lined on the bottom so they don’t scratch furniture (unlike real life cats).

8. Cat Mom AF – I already have this shirt and I wear it proudly. While it’s certainly NSFW, it’s perfect for the cat lover with a sense of humor and a potty mouth.

9. Cats Galore – Need something to go with those bookends? Here ya go! This coffee table book features cats painted into some of the most famous paintings of all time. It’s both comical and educational.

10. Cat Candle – For the ultimate cozy cat lover, this scented candle is purrfect. With two scents and styles to choose from, I promise this gift will be everyone’s favorite.

And there you have it. All my favorites for the cat lover in your life (hey, hi, hello). I hope everyone is having the best holiday season and staying warm!



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