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Feeling fantastic on this Tuesday morning. Mostly because it’s a short week and the Vikings took home a W to advance to the NFC Championship. Can you say win/literal win? While I’m born and raised in Chicago, my hatred for Jay Cutler combined with my love to support friends has led me to chant SKOL lately. But I digress, I will always still love my city and its teams. Okay, back on track to the whole animal/rescue thing. I recently visited the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe, and I was not disappointed.

By now, everyone knows and understands my love for all things cat. People are always tagging me in cat-related posts and sending me cat-related objects. It’s as if I’ve become a crazy cat lady, which, I’m absolutely okay with. So, when a new cat cafe opened in Chicago, my inbox blew up. People wanted to know if I’d been and how it was. So, for the sake of research (and love for cats), I knew I had to check it out.

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe is the kind of place you can go to “decompress.” With four couches and 15 felines, there’s space for everyone and a kitty to curl up and hang. It’s bright, welcoming, and comfortable. You instantly feel a sense of calm wash over you when you enter the room. Maybe it’s the sleeping cats or the quiet music playing in the background, but the serenity is palpable.

While I was there, I saw someone studying and another person on a laptop. It’s a place you can come and hang out or get (some) work done. I personally would be too distracted by the resident felines to get anything serious accomplished, but it’s most certainly a relaxed environment.

The kitties are all adoptable through Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control. This means if you fall in love with a feline, you can fill out an application and then meet with an adoption counselor from FCACC right at the Windy Kitty. It’s almost like the cafe is one big, safe foster home for cats of Chicago. Since its opening, they’ve adopted out nine cats. A remarkable feat in such a short amount of time.

Perhaps my favorite part about the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe though is the community aspect of it. The owner of Windy Kitty, Jenny, remarked how wonderfully supportive the area has been, and you can feel it. When you walk in, you notice the tee shirts available for purchase, what you don’t know is that they are made by a local artisan. And the accent pillows? Also the work of a local. You can order kitty-faced lattes, coffees, and snacks from the Gallery Cafe next door who will then deliver them to the cafe. And when Jenny is running out of waivers, Kinko’s is happy to help her out.

The rescue world is a community-based one, and I love all the collaboration that makes it all work. From shelters to fosters, volunteers and supporting businesses, saving animals isn’t a one-(wo)man show. It’s really cool to see that impact first-hand at the Windy Kitty.

So, whether you are looking for (another) furry companion, or perhaps just wanting to find a little de-stress time for yourself, I definitely recommend stopping by the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe.


All of these kitties are available for adoption and all of them are so cute, but I really bonded with this little grey one named Kimchi. She was brought in to CACC as a stray before she was rescued by FCACC. She is still very unsure of herself, people, and other cats, but she is getting used to being held and getting cuddles. Kimchi would do well in a home with another confident, happy cat, and people who are willing to go slow with her.


I had to look back into my emails to see how long I’ve had these pants and I was not disappointed. I ordered them in 2013. Relics basically but I love being able to repurpose old pieces and making them new again. I paired them with this sweater from Fab’rik and my studded booties. Shop similar styles below!



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    1. Aw man! Sounds like you need to load up on some antihistamines! I’ve heard amazing things about the cat cafes in Tokyo!!

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