The unexpected thing I found in rescue

By now I’m sure you’ve learned that I love being in rescue for many reasons. I get to work with animals, learn about new programs, and help people find their newest furry family member. When I got into rescue, it was because I wanted to be surrounded by animals. What I didn’t think I’d find in rescue is really good friends. 

Making friends after graduating is hard and very awkward. I’m lucky that I went to an in-state school and graduated with really good friends who also ended up in Chicago. As their careers progressed, they made good friends with coworkers. I found myself longing for the same sort of relationships. The company I’ve worked for for the past six years is a small, home-based company that doesn’t have many social opportunities. 

So, I was already fairly isolated and then add to that my constant feeling of awkwardness, it was hard to make new friends. I didn’t want to put myself in new situations or put myself out there. It’s easy to see why I didn’t make a ton of friends post-college until I started Rescue in Style. 

When I set out to create this blog, I made the mistake of thinking this would only be about helping animals. What I didn’t realize was that while working on Rescue in Style, I was building a community of like-minded individuals who loved animals as much as I did. I slowly started to surround myself with people who were interested in the same things I was passionate about. After two years of Rescue in Style, it’s obvious why I’ve made some really great friends through it. 

I started to feel more comfortable putting myself into situations I previously found uncomfortable. Attending events solo, reaching out to people I admired, and collaborating on projects became easier because I knew the people involved felt similarly as I did. 

Soon, I was making plans with people I’d met at events and through different organizations. I started establishing really wonderful friendships. Now our relationships extend beyond wanting to save all the animals, and they’ve become a really safe space for me. I never imagined I could make friends so effortlessly.

I am incredibly thankful for all the friends I have. Having solid, wonderful friends outside of rescue keeps me sane and gives me the respite I need after stressful days. The ones I’ve met through this blog I also cherish because they understand the ups and downs and are there for me regardless.

Rescue has given me so much: a purpose, a passion, a reason to get out of bed every morning. But perhaps it gave me what I never expected, friendships. 


Feather – This energetic girl is full of love for her people. She’s obsessed with her foster parents and bonds quickly with those she loves. She does well with other dogs and would love someone who can keep up with her energy. For more information, click here. 

Scrat – This sassy girl has been adopted. But check out the other One Tail at a Time pups needing homes!

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