the not so stylish.

I’m coming off a photo shoot high from this past weekend… I cannot wait to share the photos with you. My one year anniversary is officially this Friday so I knew I had to do it big. I dressed up in a fancy gown and joined some of my most handsome hounds for a post that I’m so excited to share. But before all that glam and jazz, let’s rewind a bit. There have been so many awesome shots, but let me just say that for every one good photo, there are 15 absolutely awful outtakes.

When it comes to blogging, I mentioned how important it is to laugh at yourself. It’s weird and awkward enough taking photos so you might as well joke about it. I’ve been highlighting the outtakes on my Instagram stories because they’re flipping hilarious. I thought I would share them here because we all deserve a good laugh. Scroll through some of my favorite least favorite photos and let me know which one is your favorite!



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