The story of Lucy

I’m back from vacation and feeling rejuvenated. With these Chicago winters, I often forget how wonderful it is to be able to do things outdoors. We know that the sun isn’t really my thing, but the option to be outside for more than 12 minutes without freezing is nice. But you don’t read my posts to hear about vacation, you come for information about animals (I think)? So, let’s get to Lucy’s story because her story is all too common among our local rescue dogs.

Lucy came into Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) as a stray, but her story is much more complicated than that. Formally known as Endyia, it appeared as though she had recently been nursing and was clear she had multiple litters. While we can never draw conclusions, it seemed as if people had used her for breeding purposes. In addition to sagging teats, she also had flat feet, a common characteristic in dogs who have been confined to a small crate for much of their lives. Endyia also walked with a crouching stance, again signaling a life restricted to a small space.

Her “owners” moved and left little Endyia behind. Luckily, neighbors found and brought her into CACC. Though she was out of the cold, the shelter terrified her. The noises and other dogs’ loud barks petrified her. She cowered in the corner of her kennel, shying away from volunteers and staff.

Luckily, after a month at CACC, a rescue saw this shutdown sweetie and knew they couldn’t leave her behind. CPR Fund K9 Rescue pulled Endyia, renamed her Lucy, and brought her into their family. She stayed at an isolation foster home for two weeks while she decompressed and recovered. After that, Margaret Fraser brought her into her home with her two resident dogs where she is currently being the best dog ever.

Lucy’s story is tragic, but it’s sadly all too common in rescue. Many, many people use dogs in backyard breeding operations. Once they’re no longer bringing in money, owners discard and abandon them. It’s a huge reason our why city shelter has so many pit bull type dogs. There are so many people breeding them for a quick buck and then abandoning them. I’ll be diving deeper into backyard breeding (and why I’m vehemently against it) in an upcoming post. Suffice it to say, it’s a terrible practice that needs to end.

While it can be easy to get bogged down in the sad stories, we keep going because of the happy endings. Lucy’s story is one of many that bring me to tears thinking of her journey. From a breeding machine to a shutdown pup to a happy, snuggly girl, I know she is happy with her new life. And while I grieve for her beginning, I know it’s her storybook ending that will make it all worth it.


Lucy is currently available for adoption. She is house trained, crate-trained, dog-friendly, people-friendly, kid-friendly, and 100% adorable. She has the best jowls and will sit and wait patiently(ish) for a treat. She’s also very good in car rides and loves going on adventures. Lucy would do well in almost any home environment so if you’re looking for perfection, here it is. For more information about Lucy, click here.


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