The one thing that hasn’t changed in three years

It’s officially the third anniversary of Rescue in Style! Honestly, that came quickly. Three years whet by faster than Rawlings off-leash in an open field (and trust me…that’s quick). I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share for this post about three years. So much has changed since my first blog post, my style, photographer, my writing… a lot has evolved. However, one thing has remained the same, my passion to help animals. 

The Cicada Story…

When I was four years old, I would go outside and play with the cicadas. Yes, those large ones that fly and make a terrible chirping sound. I would flip over ones that were on their backs, pick ones up off the sidewalk and place them out of harm’s way, and care for them as best as I could. While you probably couldn’t pay me to touch one, I still care about them. 

My failed veterinary career

The cicada story cracks me up but it speaks to where I got my start. I wanted to help animals since before I even knew to be grossed out by bugs. I volunteered at Heartland Animal Shelter and worked at a veterinary clinic through high school. During my Freshman year at college, I was pre-vet. When I fainted in two of my lab classes and while observing a surgery, I realized I couldn’t stomach vet school. I was bummed because I thought this meant I wouldn’t be able to help animals, but boy was I wrong.

Rescue in Style was born when I felt like I had no passions in life. I had a good-paying job in finance, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, and lots of free time. During that free time, I would occasionally visit the Anti-Cruelty Society and hang out with adoptable pets. It was during these visits that I found my passion for animals again. 

Psst: Pro-tip, you can go hang out there too, you don’t need to be a potential adopter to play with their pets!

The start of Rescue in Style

When the idea to combine fashion and adoptable pets came to me, I felt it in my core that it’s what I needed to do. I wanted to take pictures of animals, share stories of adoptions, and write about the work of local rescue organizations. I wanted to interview leaders in the field and learn from them and share their ideas with smaller organizations. There were so many things I wanted to do and it was all connected to my desire to help animals. 

Over the years, I’ve certainly made mistakes. I’ve written posts that I no longer stand behind, worn outfits that make me want to hide, and I’ve even been burned by a few people in the industry. But nothing has changed with my love for animals.

Animals ground me. They give so much and ask for so little in return. I can’t fully explain my love for them beyond it is simply a part of me. I can’t imagine not having them in my life and not doing Rescue in Style and helping them just like they help me.


Chee Chee is available for adoption through K9 4 Keeps. She is absolutely amazing and so sweet. She was urgent and timestamped for euthanasia at our city shelter. Chee Chee was one of our longest-term dogs and heartworm positive. Thanks to Erin and K9 4 Keeps, she’s now living the life of luxury in her wonderful foster home. If you’re interested in adopting Chee Chee, you can fill out an application here


A huge thank you to RBC Showroom for hosting us as well as providing pieces for this shoot! This dress is from Frnch and I’m so obsessed. 




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