why i’m obsessed with the greyhound obsession.

When I meet with breed-specific rescues, I always feel and appreciate the passion they have for the dogs they work with. They are devoted to finding forever homes to a certain kind of dog and you can see the love that they have for their breed. Over the past year, I’ve worked with many different rescues, but the obsession that Greyhound owners have for the breed is unlike anything I’ve witnessed.

To start, I’ve never seen so many accessories designed for a specific dog. From collars to coats, Greyhounds truly do make a fashion statement. A simple search on Etsy for “Greyhound Collars” will give you hundreds of results, plenty of them costing more than $100. And just like their humans, it’s not uncommon for hounds to have a jacket for every kind of weather… rain, snow, and crisp fall days.

Even more convincing though is the Annual Greyhounds Only Reunion. This group is so passionate that they come together every year to celebrate and raise money to help more hounds. While I know many rescues have fun reunions, I’ve never heard of one that is attended by more than 500 people and 400 hounds. That’s some serious turnout. They have games, raffles, contests, and even a hound King and Queen. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s event but you can bet I’ve already marked my calendar for this year’s.

But it’s not just the accessories or the reunions, it’s the community that’s truly like no other. When I wrote my initial post about the breed, it was, and still is, my most read post. Dozens of people commented, shared, and reposted my piece. People told me how wonderful their hounds were and sent me pictures to prove it. I was blown away. The stories I heard, the connections I made, it’s all because of this breed that people absolutely love.

It’s been said that when you adopt a Greyhound, you adopt a new family as well. One that is full of support, wisdom, and help when you need it. From forums to Facebook Groups, it’s easy (and encouraged) to join in on the Greyhound chatter. There are many reasons why I would love a Greyhound of my own one day and the community aspect of this breed is definitely one of them. Knowing you have a built-in resource and support system seems invaluable when bringing home a new dog.

While Greyhounds might not be for everyone, I think we could all learn a great deal from the group of people who come together to help this breed. The passion is truly inspiring. If you want to meet some hounds and see what I’m talking about, check out Hearts for Hounds this upcoming Saturday!

Are there any other breeds that have a truly supportive community? What has been the best resource for your rescue? Let me know in the comments below!


Well well, we have two cuties today and one of them already found their forever home.

Meet Tiger… I’m honestly not totally sure why he’s still in need of a home because he is a rockstar dog. He is sweet and confident and showed off his running skills while we were shooting. He is such a happy boy with plenty of energy so the right match would have to be able to keep up! He’s beautiful and sweet and leans right into you. For more information about Tiger, click here.

The second boy is Chico and he has been adopted! Yay Chico! With his gorgeous brindle coat and spunky personality, it’s easy to see how he’s happily home.


We had a brief period of 30s where it was almost tolerable to shoot without a winter coat. Clearly, that’s no longer the case but I can’t wait to sport this outfit again when it heats up just a little bit. I just scooped up this Free People skirt in anticipation for warmer weather and paired it with a (very) old turtleneck shirt and my bomber jacket. Want to know the best part? These boots are now on MAJOR sale for under $50… guys. They’re seriously my favorite, get them now. Shop the look below!



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