the most fun i’ve had.

As I approach the one year anniversary of launching Rescue in Style, I look back at what I’ve done and one word sums it up: fun. There are countless stories of dogs, people, and organizations and all of it has been a dream. I’ll share more of all the memorable moments in an upcoming post, but one story I want to share today was more fun than normal: One of my best friends adopted a puppy.

It was right around Christmas and both of us last-minute shoppers (oops) needed to run a few errands. We met up to make returns and final purchases before deciding we deserved a reward in the form of wine. Afterwards, I brought up the idea of visiting the Anti-Cruelty Society since they had just received 38 puppies from Oklahoma. I mean, is there a better way to end the day than to frolic with puppies?

We walked into the shelter and made our way to the puppies. One of the puppies had messed her cage and so she needed to be held while it was cleaned. Of course I volunteered my friend to hold the puppy and the bond between them was instantaneous. While she absolutely fell in love, my friend wasn’t necessarily looking to add a furry companion to her life, so she put the puppy back so she could think the decision over and make sure it wasn’t the wine encouraging her.

Over the next few days, while the puppy was waiting to be spayed, we talked about all the pros and cons of having a dog. It was incredible to see my friend put time, thought, and energy into her decision. I asked her all the questions I could think of. Could she afford a dog walker, vet care, and all her food? Yes. Does her work schedule allow flexibility and could she be home in time for feedings? Yep. Can she socialize the puppy, take her to training classes, and learn how to train a (soon to be) larger dog? Yup. Can she give her the love and care she so deserves? Abso-freaking-lutely.

After talking and discussing it for three days, she had made her decision: she was going to adopt her first dog, Leni. I’m not sure if my work had any impact on my friend’s decision to adopt, but I know that my friend is having the most amazing impact on those around her. While walking Leni, people would stop and ask where she was from (because she’s the cutest)… and she gets to give my favorite ever response, “she’s a rescue from Anti-Cruelty Society.” Leni and my friend are showing people just how wonderful rescue is.

It’s been so much fun to see the changes in both Leni and my friend. I’m proud of my friend for all her accomplishments in life, but I’m even more proud of her latest decision. I can honestly say it’s brought tears to my eyes. And while she was the one who adopted Leni, I’m pretty sure they’ve rescued each other.


As you’ve probably gathered, little Leni is not available for adoption. Sad for you, but great for her. If you are looking to adopt a puppy like her, check out these puppies. ALIVE just had a litter of Shepherd mixes and they are adorable.

Miso – Available at ALIVE Rescue


When a company that supports animal rescue reaches out to me, I want to talk all about them. So I usually do. Rescues Have More Fun is a newer company with a minimal style I love. They donate a portion of their proceeds to the ASPCA. Plus, they can personalize just about anything on their site. They’re just starting out but I love their mission and all they’ve accomplished so far. They gifted me this Rescues Have More Fun shirt and I can’t stop wearing it. Mostly because it’s true. I wore it with my favorite coat from Six Crisp Days, which I’ve shared below!



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All photos credit: Margaret Rajic.



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