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Generally, I’m looking forward to Fridays but today is so bittersweet. It’s my last day with our foster Endora so I’m going through all the emotions of saying goodbye while soaking up our last moments together. Fostering is truly the most wonderful experience and I’m so thankful I am able to do so. I’m already looking forward to my next foster… perhaps a chunky pittie from Chicago!

Speaking of pitties from Chicago, gather around because it’s story time!

Oso was surrendered to Chicago Animal Care & Control in September 2018. His owner passed away and nobody else was able to take care of him. He was a large, five-year-old pittie with an intimidating bark. Oso scared off lots of adopters with his bark and size so he sat at CACC for months. We hoped someone special would adopt him in time for Christmas, but sadly he was still waiting in the new year.

In January, a few volunteers decided to throw him and his friend their very own special adoption event. People came and met Oso including one family from Wisconsin that drove down specifically to meet Oso. Not wanting to get our hopes up, we continued to promote him throughout the day. Hoping his people were at the shelter.

As luck would have it, that family from Wisconsin met a few dogs but decided Oso was the one for them! He is now doing wonderfully in his home with all his human siblings and a yard. Oso waiting so long but it was all worth it.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been getting more involved with CACC. This is because it is the front lines when it comes to rescue in Chicago. They must take in owner surrenders, strays, and confiscated pets. Their intake is about 17,000 animal a year and because of this, hard decisions are made every day.

Luckily, CACC has been working really hard and last year, our more than 91% of the animals that came left alive. More than just surviving though, these animals are really taken care of. Of course, no shelter is an ideal environment, but CACC is working hard to make sure the animals in their care are staying happy and healthy.

This is why I’m partnering with CACC for their Happy & Healthy Campaign!

Chicago Animal Care and Control is one of the most underfunded city shelters. As the third largest city, we should have the third largest budget. Unfortunately, we have the same budget as Pima County, which has a population the one million. Our population is five times that but yet we are forced to work with such little money. We do so much with so little!

But we want to do more. We want to build and enhance our outdoor play spaces, provide more in-kennel enrichment, buy updated medical equipment, and provide funds for overnight emergency veterinary costs. Our goal? A casual $50,000. Making it even better is that we are participating in the Fund the Shelters challenge! That means if we are one of the top fundraising teams, we will get additional money.

So help me help our city animals. The dogs that get looked over because of their blocky heads, large bodies, and big barks. Help us keep our kitten programs going so we can ensure the survival of so many more cats to come.

Bonus! If your company does any sort of matching, please take advantage of that and make a bigger impact. Not sure if your company matches? Check out this handy dandy website:

Lastly, enjoy these photos of some wonderful pictures of dogs from our city shelter.

Thanks in advance for your help!



Kobe (FKA Calvin) with his new brother Santiago
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