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You guys! Today was the first #StrongBitch workout and it was an absolute blast. The energy, the positivity, the encouragement of other women, I hope you’ll join our next class! The next one is an interval training so you know you’ll get your sweat and endorphins on! Join us at Chicago Primal Gym on Saturday, September 29. You can sign up here! Speaking of #StrongBitch, let’s meet this week’s spotlight, my favorite hair expert. Not only is she a master with scissors and foils, she’s one of the most beautiful people inside and out.

Natalie is one of those people who makes you feel as if she’s known you forever. We quickly found a groove and shared life updates, including her new health journey. Natalie has been working so hard on herself and I’ve been so inspired. She’s putting in so much work and I’m so proud of all she has accomplished. She puts it best herself so without further blabbering, here is Natalie.

Tell us about yourself (age, occupation, hometown, etc.)

Natalie Ruzgis, 35, Co-founder & Master Stylist Thrive Hair Collective. Chicago is my hometown!

What does strong mean to you?

The ability to withstand great force or pressure so says the internet, I take that in many ways. I’m strong in my body, but my strongest muscle is my mind. I believe in the harmony of both and that’s what makes me strong.

Who are some strong women you admire?

Holy shit, she’s gonna kill me for mentioning her, but Heather Owen is one hell of a strong woman. No, it isn’t in her vocabulary- tell her no and she will find 10 ways around you and outsmart you on the way to success. Her passion, endurance, and resolve are wildly inspiring. I stand strong with her and her conquest to help Chicago rescue and animal welfare.

Tell us about your workouts, why do you love them?

Its like church for me! Working out in the morning is my alone time to focus on me. I give to others during the workday so finding time to focus on myself helps me to give more to my clients. Working out also keeps my mind right, a strong body is so much more useful with a strong mind.

How has rescue and fitness affected your life?

It’s funny, I was thinking about this question all day today. Animal rescue was the tipping point of taking action to better my health and wellness. I’ll explain, I was coming out of a personal dark time when I adopted my dog Ruby from OTAT. I got involved as an active volunteer shortly after and I realized that the contribution I was making to the community fed my soul. In turn, I started to dig myself out of the dark. Leading me to take action and get my fitness and health in control. Rescue feeds the desire to lead a purposeful healthy life.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d like to share my facebook live update on my fitness journey.

I want to be a healthy, strong woman, to be strong so I can become a better leader. I want to inspire others that feel like they’re stuck and can’t find a way out. Everyone should feel like I do now, take control of your life by mastering your body. If I can do it, trust me, you can too. The stronger I’m getting physically, the more I am able to tell that negative voice to shut the fuck up. I will never stop improving and growing, never satisfied. I also will not be satisfied until Chicago is a no-kill city and all animals are safe. It’s not for the weak- get your big girl pants on, let’s take our strength to the streets.

So, if you want to get your hair cut/colored by someone who will make you laugh and inspire you, here’s your girl. It’s been a privilege to be her friend this year. Natalie is amazing (and obviously she’s beyond talented) so be sure to follow along with her adventures.


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