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It has been a day full of fluffy animals. Usually, people consider Sundays their day of rest, but for me, it’s always the day I make it a point to get rescue work done. I was able to stop by the Anti-Cruelty Society and meet 21 cats that they drove in from South Carolina. Then I headed to a Safe Humane fundraiser and finished my day off at an event for Chicago Canine Rescue. Want to get in on the fun? Tomorrow I’ll be bartending at HopCat to raise money for The CatCade. All the tips I make, along with $1 for every beer will be donated to the nonprofit. So join me tomorrow! Tonight, I’m bringing you the fifth member of the #StrongBitch team, Bri.

Unfortunately, Bri wasn’t able to make it to the #StrongBitch photo session, but she was too awesome not to include in this campaign. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to sign up for our next #StrongBitch workout. The last one sold out so don’t wait to buy your tickets! Now, let’s meet this Bri!

Tell us about yourself (age, occupation, hometown, etc.)

28, Product Manager at a startup, originally from the suburbs but have been in Chicago since I graduated college 6 years ago

What does strong mean to you?

To me, being strong means believing in yourself wholeheartedly. To be strong to be able to stick up for yourself against all odds and protecting those around you. Most of the time in my life, this is more psychologically and emotionally as opposed to physically.

Tell us about your workouts, why do you love them?

I’ve recently moved from consistently doing Barre to starting going to Kick @55 which is an AMAZING full body workout somewhat boot camp style. I’ve never been *physically* strong before but I’m getting there and making leaps and bounds with Kick.

Can you tell us about a time that your strength surprised you?

When I found out my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I wanted to crumble and avoid reality for awhile. Instead, I chose to be there for my family, stay present, and approach the huge life change by being emotionally strong.

How does strength come into your rescue work?

Strength is super important in rescue work. Through my upbringing, I’ve learned to be strong not only for myself, but for those around me. The dogs are the ones around me in this case. No matter how angry a situation might make you (e.g. awful ways the dogs have been treated in the past) it takes a lot of internal strength to stay focused on what’s important and that is saving their lives and helping them find their forever home.

Guys, I am loving this campaign so much. I have a so much love for all these women and all they’re doing for the rescue community. There’s only one #StrongBitch profile left to share but don’t forget about all the upcoming events we have! Psst, they’re really fun. Hope to see you there!

The Rescue:

Lola Mae is a senior girl who just found her forever home!! If you’re looking for someone similar to this cutie, take a peek at Donnie.





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