Rescue Confessions: Queso

Hello from Seattle! I turn 30 in less than 24 hours and holy moly I’m ready. We’re so close to hitting $4,000 which would be 40 beds for the dogs of Chicago Animal Care & Control! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a bit of background. If you’d like to donate and contribute, please click here and note “CACC Donation” when donating. I can’t thank you all of those who have donated enough. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could raise this kind of money for some deserving pups.

Speaking of deserving pups, meet Queso, the cutest little thing. Head tilt? Check. Million dollar smile? Check. Just enough attitude for the camera? Double check. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a pup just like him for my brother, so the obsession is real. Let’s meet him, shall we?

Sarah’s Turn:

Tell us about your rescue! Name, age, breed, species??

Queso is a 3/4-year-old Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix. We hear a lot of people think he looks like a Spitz or Corgi (depending on his hair cut). He also goes by Q, Cheese Dog, or Mr. Cheese.

Where did you two first meet?

We first met at a foster’s home who was watching Queso while he was up for adoption. We had found his profile posted on for adoptable pets through the Almost Home Foundation. He had rashes on his belly, kennel cough, and an ear infection, but he was still smiling and happy to see us!

Why did you decide to pursue adoption?

I have always known I would want to adopt because there are so many pups in need of a home. My family has adopted dogs throughout the years and every dog has been so special and loving, so it really was a no-brainer! I’ve also always heard that when you adopt, you are saving two lives! The life of the dog you are adopting as well as making room in the shelter for another dog to find a home

How did you know they were “the one” (or two, or three!)?

When my husband and I saw Queso’s “mug shot” on Pet Finder and he was smiling so big and the name they gave him at the shelter was QUESO (and we are huge fans of the actual queso). We felt an immediate connection and knew we had to see him right away! We reached out and set up an appointment the next morning and when we met in person, he came trotting over to us immediately and was smiling so big. Our hearts melted and we started the adoption process right then and there.

What advice do you have for someone who is deciding whether or not to adopt?

Be patient and keep checking different sources online and in-person. Also, be open to different breeds, because your preconceived notions may not be what you think. I had always thought I would want a hypoallergenic dog because I have allergies, which I knew it may take longer to find through adoption. Queso isn’t a hypoallergenic pup, but I am not allergic to him at all, so I now realize it wasn’t as big of a deal as I initially thought!

Anything else you’d like to share (favorite dates/stories/lessons learned)?

It will take a few weeks for your rescue to warm up to your home and their new routine. They may not snuggle you immediately or they may have anxiety when left alone, but when they come to trust you and know that you are their humans, it is all worth it! Dive into training immediately because it will give them a sense of responsibility and comfort knowing that they belong to you.

Queso’s Turn:

Favorite toy: 

Kong filled with peanut butter- DUH! Also, my green squeak ball that I still have from my foster home.

Most impressive trick: 

I can hold my “sit-stay” for a long time while my parents eat. If I’m a good boy and don’t beg, then they’ll give me a treat.

Least impressive trick: 

Fetch. I love to run after the ball when you throw it, but I hate giving it back!

I will do anything for:

Grilled chicken and peanut butter. Not together, but I wouldn’t hate it 😉

Tennis balls or squirrels:

Tennis balls

My favorite place:

Montrose Dog Beach – I loveeeee to dig in the sand!

It drives my mother the craziest when…

I dig on the bed or couch.

Likes to dress up? (Prove it!)

I prefer scarves & bandanas!

I mean, come on, the cuteness is so real. Thanks for checking out this week’s Rescue Confessions! Be sure to stop by next week.

Have a fantastic and safe holiday weekend, and thank you to all of those who have served our country.





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    1. Isn’t he so cute?! I want to put him in my pocket and take him everywhere with me!! I think he’s the perfect size and THAT SMILE!

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