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Omg, a Rescue Confessions on a Thursday?? This world has gone crazy! In reality, I’m currently on my way to Florida on a 15 hour car ride so I had to change things up. Plus, Friday is #NationalPuppyDay so you know I had to do something special for that 😉

Okay, this week’s Rescue Confessions spotlight is a real cutie and someone I’ve wanted to get to know better! Meet Mufasa, the one-eyed hunk. There is a huge place in my heart for special needs pets. I love that they may look or act differenty and yet, it doesn’t slow them down. So let’s meet today’s star!

Cheyenne’s Turn:

Tell us about your rescue! Name, age, breed, species??
Name: Mufasa
Nicknames: ‘Fasa, ‘Fasa Bubby, Bubby
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair, Tiger
Where did you two first meet?
Mufasa was picked up by a good Samaritan on the street when he was only 3 weeks old and under a pound. He had quite a terrible eye injury to where his eye could not be saved. I was the surgical technician for Mufasa’s first eye surgery at our animal hospital that day. I decided that instead of him going to the Humane Society, he would stay with me and I would foster him until he found a home. 
Why did you decide to pursue adoption?
We actually never did. Over 100 people filled out applications through the Humane Society to get him. The family that was chosen ended up backing out the last second, and they told me if I wanted him, he was MINE. 🙂
How did you know they were “the one” (or two, or three!)?
I tried not to get too attached to him when I was fostering him, but once he was mine, I was obsessed!
What advice do you have for someone who is deciding whether or not to adopt?

​Although pets come with so many blessings, remember the hard work it takes to make sure they are healthy! Before making the plunge, be sure you budget in the expenses of yearly costs to the Veterinarian.

Anything else you’d like to share (favorite dates/stories/lessons learned)?
Mufasa went through not 1, not 2, but 5 surgeries to repair his eye. This cutie went through a lot the first few years of his life. Just within the last year we also discovered that he produces crystals in his urine, so he is on a medicated food for the rest of his life. This will prevent him from having future UTI’s and help break down the crystals so that they can pass out normally. I’m blessed to say that he is one happy little boy! 
He is the most popular one in the house with two kitty friends, 2 Saint Bernards and a 4# Chihuahua that adores him. 
Mufasa is quite the stinker at times… he knows how to open the freezer, fridge and every trash can in the house! Haha!

Mufasa’s Turn

Favorite toy: 

Anything with catnip!

Most impressive trick: 

I always magically know 10 minutes before mom’s alarm is going to go off and wake her up first!

Least impressive trick: 

I get into the trash!

I will do anything for:


Tennis balls or squirrels:


Laser pointer or catnip:


My favorite place: 

Laying on top the kitchen cabinets

It drives my mother the craziest when…

I try to sharpen my nails on the bed during the night

It looks like Mufasa is always smiling, I love that. I mean… look at him!! Thanks for reading, be sure to stop by tomorrow for some super sweet pictures of puppies!!



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