Rescue Confessions: Bowie

I’m keeping my intro short and sweet because it’s my last day of vacation and I promised myself I’d (try to) disconnect a bit. So without further ado, meet Bowie. He’s one of my favorite Instagram dogs who’s always supporting me and my efforts at Rescue in Style, even since the beginning!

Olga’s Turn:

Tell us about your rescue! Name, age, breed, species??

Bowie was formerly known as “Dade.” Yup, as in Miami Dade County, “305, Mr. Worldwide!” but that name seemed more suitable for a Pit Bull. He was renamed before we left Paws Chicago that evening after the late and great, David Bowie. He was a tiny, shy, three-month-old little nugget when we first got him. Now he is a year and a half with personality and charm for days. His most common nicknames are Bobo, Sweet Pea, Dogson, and Poo Poo Butt. According to the swab DNA test, this fine specimen of a doggo is a mixture of Cocker Spaniel, Chihuahua, Australian Cattle Dog, American Bull Terrier, and 35% “Other”.

Where did you two first meet?
Like many couples these days, Bowie and I first met online. It was my birthday and my boyfriend showed me a picture of him on Paws website and asked if I wanted to see him in person. I gave him the skeptical side-eye because I’ve only been asking for a dog ever since I moved to the West Loop and been wanting one the last 31 years of my existence so it’s not nice to tease. On our drive there, I was still in disbelief but it actually happened! We met in person, it was glorious, joyful tears were shed, and we became a family that same evening.
Why did you decide to pursue adoption?

The better question is, why would I NOT pursue adoption? If it was up to me, adoption would be the only way to find your pawmate.

How did you know they were “the one” (or two, or three!)?

It was absolutely love at first sight then I held him, my heart melted. As I was holding him, I remember reciting, “I am his, and he is mine, from this day, until the end of my days,” as my boyfriend rolled his eyes at my ridiculousness. I mean, they are technically wedding vows. Nowadays, he has completely accepted my role as an obsessed dog mom.

What advice do you have for someone who is deciding whether or not to adopt?

Just ask yourself if you are really ready. If you can provide financial stability, show them love and affection, make time to bond with your pet and socialize it. Make sure you have patience and can provide even more time to address and work on any behavioral and/or obedience issues your pet might be experiencing, then go for it! It is hard work but they are beyond worth it.

Anything else you’d like to share (favorite dates/stories/lessons learned)?

For most, being a dog owner in the city means your neighborhood and community are essentially your backyard and as a first-time dog owner I had hoped to meet other like-minded, considerate dog owners. Well, last summer Bowie and I hit the jackpot when we crashed a double doggo birthday party at Skinner Park. It was single-handedly the best thing that had happened to us. It resulted in us finding “our pack”. The humans in the group have the most important things in common; which are the love and obsession for our dogs and their happiness.

Since then, we have thrown parties for our four-legged loved ones, taken them on adventures and dog sat each other pups. We’ve even been each other’s “second opinion” on medical issues which has probably saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills if not more. We have supported and given each other advice on subjects that range from changes in our dog’s behavior to unfriendly altercations with other dog owners, and the list just goes on. Bowie and I are incredibly lucky to have them in our lives. I’ve grown to love Bowies pack like they’re my own. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful for that one summer day.

Bowie’s Turn:

Favorite toy: 

Lately, it’s been “Bob Toss” from the Barkbox Fine Arts collection. I vigorously like to tear his fro off, either because I have pent up frustration or cause I’m a doggo and I can.

Most impressive trick: 

You mean besides existing and spreading love everywhere I go? Whenever I get really excited wrestling with my besties, I do impressions of jungle animals. Ok, just one jungle animal: a monkey…I make spot-on monkey noises.

Least impressive trick: 

Sometimes when I don’t feel like walking, or I want a passing hooman to pet me, I just lay on the ground and roll, move, stretch so it’s impossible for mom to get me up. Most times she waits it out, other times she picks me up and carries me, and sometimes she says “Up!” And lifts me by the handlebar on my harness.

I will do anything for:

TREATS! Since I have been what they call “spoiled rotten”, I guess I have my favorites: No Hide Rawhide by Planet Animal, frozen treats by The Bear and the Rat, Whole Jerky by Fruitables, treats from the lovely ladies at 6mutts/Wiggle Waggle and lastly the leftovers of a peanut butter jar (acceptable brands of peanut butter are from Whole Food or Trader Joe’s).

Tennis balls or squirrels:

Squirrels! If she would only let me off the leash so I can chase one!

Laser pointer or catnip:

Laser, I have yet to understand that evil sorcery which is the unattainable red dot.

My favorite West Loop Hot Spots!
  • Togo’s and/or Miller’s home: Those are two of my besties. We wrestle, we chew on bones, I eat their food, then we nap together. After nap, we wrestle some more.
  • Skinner Dog Park: The only time I am off leash outside… freedom is mine!
  • Warm Belly Bakery: They have a drive-thru window right on the sidewalk! Your paw-rents don’t have to tie you up or leave your sight. The window just slides open, out come treats for mama and me.
  • Pooch Hotel: beautiful girls such as Maria, Cassandra, Stephanie, giving me belly rubs. ’nuff said!
  • Groundswell Coffee: more dog treats and affection for me! Plus, they have this wooden bench I love to hop on and stare at mom while she’s inside and people watch.
It drives my mother the craziest when…

Both of my parents suffer from extremely dry, cracking, bleeding hands in the cold. We live in Chicago, it is always cold. I like to lick their hands, A LOT. They wash their hands, I lick them right after. They puts the lotion on their skin, I lick it right off. So, it has come to them wearing gloves inside the house.

Likes to dress up? (Prove it!)

NO!! Do I put up with it and do it for mom? YES!

And there you have it. Bowie really should be on a stage somewhere doing standup, he’s hilarious right?! Be sure to follow him on Instagram to see all the fun. Alright, I’m off to soak up the last bit of vacation in the shade. See you here next week!



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