Pet safe indoor plants for every level of gardener

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I had a bunch of post ideas but then, our foster puppy passed away and I was devastated. I didn’t know how to write without feeling guilty. Who wanted to read about a dying puppy during the midst of a pandemic? Certainly not me. So, I took some time off and I’m feeling much better. So today, I’m sharing a bit more lighthearted but very important information. Pet-friendly indoor plants that anyone can take care of!

If you know me, you know that I’ve killed several plants (yes, even a cactus) over the years. I’ve tried a few different types of greeneries, but they all shriveled up and died after a few weeks with me. When we adopted our cats, I learned that so many household plants are toxic to them. So, I simply stopped bringing any into our home. Flash forward to today, in the middle of Coronavirus, and things have changed. I decided I’d try to find low maintenance, cat/dog-friendly, plants. Lucky for me, Plants Delivered Chicago was ready and willing to help me find the perfect plants. 

Andy, the owner of Plants Delivered Chicago, was easy to chat with. I messaged him on Instagram and told him what I was looking for. He sent me pictures of a few plants he thought would be a good fit and from there, I chose the ones I wanted. The next day, they were delivered (contactless!) right to my doorstep. I’m happy to report I’ve kept them all alive now for eight weeks! A record for sure. Plus, they all still look really good. We put together this list of plants that are pet friendly and easy to take care of, so if you’re a newbie like me, you’re in good hands.

Here are some that are safe for cats and dogs according to the ASPCA guide to canine-safe plants!



dog safe plant

This plant requires very little care and can adjust to most light conditions in a home. The Baby Rubber Plant prefers to dry out in between waterings, making it perfect for beginners!



pet friendly plants

Prefers low light conditions and to dry out in between waterings, and falls under low on the maintenance scale. Ideal for beginners!



pet friendly plants

This plant can tolerate a variety of light conditions and does best with minimal waterings. Very easy on maintenance and also ideal for beginners!


Level: Easy

The bamboo palm is another easy plant to grow if you have the space! These plants can grow in low light and don’t need tons of water. Simply water them when the top of the soil feels dry and don’t let them sit in their water. 



pet friendly plant

These plants may look like succulents but they actually don’t like direct sun! Water only when the leaves start to curl and the soil has dried out roughly every two weeks. 


Level: Medium

Calatheas make beautiful statement plants. They like specific low or indirect light conditions, high humidity, and prefer filtered water if possible. The leaf tips may occasionally brown. These are ideal for plant parents who can commit to a little more maintenance.


Level: Medium

This interesting plant does best when the soil is consistently moist but not wet. Let the soil dry out between waterings. False Aralia will grow best when in bright light, but they do not enjoy direct sun. Best for a plant parent with mid-level experience. 


Level: Medium

Certain palms can be a little trickier than others. The Majesty palm enjoys high humidity, well-drained but moist soil, and bright light. Since they enjoy humidity, they do benefit from an occasional misting. Some house plant or palm experience is recommended.


Level: HARD

The Staghorn is for the intermediate and more advanced plant parent. This plant naturally grows on trees without soil. It cannot tolerate direct sun. The entire plant must be soaked or misted once a week during the hot season. 


Level: Hard

For the more advanced plant parent. Venus Fly Traps are native to natural bogs and require very specialized conditions. Nature provides this effortlessly, but at home, we have to work a little to mimic the environment. Do not leave standing water, and water with distilled water if possible. Prefers bright light, do not expose to direct sun. Venus Fly Traps eat regularly, so don’t forget to feed every once a while 🙂


Level: Hard

pet friendly plants

While this species of orchid is the easiest to care for in the orchid family, it’s still more than a walk in the park. Water thoroughly once every 7-10  days during the summer months, cut back in winter. This orchid is a low light orchid, so it’s happiest in low to bright light. Cut back blooms when they’re done, keep temperature above 60 degrees. The Phalaenopsis Orchid definitely needs a seasoned plant parent!

A huge thank you to Andy for putting together this list of plants! I ended up purchasing a Bamboo Palm and a Calathea. Both are still happy and so loved. It’s really helped us feel more comforted during this crazy time. 

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