perks of a (dog-friendly) third space.

Man. It has been a week. Not sure about all of you, but it’s felt like the longest five days and each day dragged on more than the previous. If you’ve seen my stories, you know there was a suspected gas leak, a broken AC, and excel spreadsheets from hell(o mom) to spice up the week. All I can honestly say is TGIF and I’m so ready for that 5 pm drink.

What keeps me sane during weeks like these are my happy places. I recently heard a theory that we all need a “third space,” to which we can go for a bit of “me” time. While home can often be our sanctuary, it’s also a spot that can come with responsibilities. I don’t think I need to explain why the office is not an ideal place to unwind, so I really enjoyed this belief of a place that brings you nothing but peace.

As I write, I’m sitting in the cutest cafe. It also happens to be dog-friendly. Coincidence? No, most certainly not.  See, to me, there is nothing more relaxing that pouring a cup of tea while I listen to Van Morrison on Pandora (in other news: I’m 60) and type away. When life gets stressful or busy, places like this give me solace and I’ve learned how important it is to carve out this time for myself.

Now if you’ve been following me for a bit, you may be saying to yourself, “Christine, you don’t drink coffee!” You would be correct, and I’d be so flattered you know this about me. But, I do love my caffeine-free teas and the cozy environment of a cafe.

A lot of places that welcome pups are generally patios (which I’m also not complaining about) but this place allows you to bring them inside. It got me wondering about all the other coffee spots in Chicago that you can enjoy a warm beverage with your canine bff. Since I’ve discovered this gem of a place, I figured I’d share some more with you. Below are some places that I’m dying to try out and some that I highly recommend. All are dog-friendly to a certain degree.

1. Buzz: Killer Expresso (Wicker Park) – This is where I’m currently sitting and enjoying a nice iced ginger tangerine tea. It has two floors and plenty of space for you to bring your favorite four-legged companion. Bonus: dogs are allowed INSIDE. Whaaaa? So when the winter hits, you can cozy up with a hot cup of coffee alongside your canine bestie.

2. Cup & Spoon (Humbolt Park) – While you can’t sit and enjoy coffee inside with your pup, you can certainly bring him in to place your order. Leaving your dog outside isn’t the best idea, so I love that you are welcome to bring in your dog while you order.

3. Red June Cafe (Bucktown) – Pups may not be allowed inside but this super dog-friendly shop has a walk up window! Walk-up windows are a relatively new and awesome concept that is just hitting Chicago. It allows you to be with your dog at all times. The staff love dogs and when you bring yours, they’ll insist on giving him a treat.

4. Heritage Coffee Shop (Lincoln Park) – Perhaps my favorite coffee shop…ever. I absolutely love the vibes of this place and never want to leave when I’m sitting inside. Like Red June, they also have a window and a cute patio to hang out on while your bike is repaired. Or just pretend to be hip like me.

5. Warm Belly Bakery (West Loop) – Okay so this isn’t quite a coffee shop butttt they do serve coffee and what appears to be delicious cookies. Add to that their walk-up window and free dog cookies? You’ve got a winning combo in my book!

BONUS: Cat-Cafe

Catfe – You guys. Brb while I leave this dog-friendly spot and head the Tree House Humane Society in Irving Park. They have just opened their cafe where you can sit and sip a coffee while enjoying cats that are in need of adoption. I think you’ll know where to find me forever.

As you can see, options are limited. Of course, there are many dog-friendly patios that offer coffee but I really wanted to go for the cafe experience when making this list.
Do you have any coffee spots to add? I’m dying to know more! Let me know in the comments below!


This is Ace and he wants to be everyone’s best friend. Have a seat on the bench and he’s right there with you, a casual 75 pound lap dog. He may be six years old, but it’s not slowing him down anytime soon. He’d do well with an experienced family due to his size and strength. He’s been at Anti-Cruelty Society far too long and he’s most certainly ready for his forever home. For more information about Ace, click here.


Today is total sweater weather and I’m not mad about it. With my skin tone, I pray for sweater weather. I’ve had this sweater from Akira for awhile and wear it all the time. I’ve paired it here with the cutest skirt I received as a gift from my absolute favorite store, Sara Rose. I visit this boutique weekly, always excited for new items. Everything in the store is cruelty-free and made with eco-friendly materials. Fashion with feels people! I styled down the skirt with my go-to Vans that keep my feet comfortable all year round. Skirt linked above, shop the look below.


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