Orphans of the Storm is a haven for weathered animals

Happy Friday dear friends! I have zero plans this weekend (compared to last weekend). Did you hear that?! Zero. And it feels pretty fantastic. I’m sure I’ll end up hanging out with some furry friends at some point, but I’m excited to have a little R&R. Speaking of relaxation, I went up to Orphans of the Storm last week and boy, are they some lucky pups. Allow me to explain.

Orphans of the Storm was founded in 1928, aka 90 years ago, by Irene Castle. An actress and fashionista (I see you girl), Irene’s true passion was helping the dogs that nobody wanted. She created a home to save and help those dogs find homes. Since then, the mission has remained the same and the small refuge has become a beautiful haven.

Orphans of the Storm was the first ever shelter I visited. When I was in 7th grade, I fulfilled a volunteer requirement for one of my classes. With my retainer in my mouth, I visited their cat room and played with some dogs. I only barely remember my experience, but I do remember enjoying my time there. I have a hard time imagining their current residents don’t enjoy their time there as well. While of course, they’d all love to be in forever homes, they really have it great at Orphans of the Storm.

While walking the grounds, I couldn’t help but remark how beautiful they were. So much space and greenery. Their newest agility course was definitely a staff (and dog) favorite. However, I was more blown away by the .25 mile forest preserve path they have. The wood-chip laden track is so beautiful surrounded by wildflowers, birds, and even bat houses. It was a place I wanted to bring Rawlings because of how serene it was.

Each dog (and there are almost 100 of them) is walked every day on that path. The most amazing thing is that they get to just be a dog. Wonderful volunteers spend their time walking the dogs on leashes, allowing them to stop and smell the roses. I met so many kind-hearted people donating their time to walk dogs that so appreciate it.

Which brings me to my next point, I can’t recall seeing a puppy. All the kennels were full of gorgeous adult dogs, one more adorable than the next. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they have puppies at times, but they seemed to specialize in medium/large, older dogs. It was refreshing and wonderful to see.

Orphans of the Storm provides an incredible temporary home for dogs (and cats) in need. They have such a supportive community with people who truly enjoy spending time walking and socializing with them. While I can only hope they find their forever homes quickly, I know they are well loved during their stay at Orphans.

What was the first rescue you ever visited? Have you ever visited Orphans of the Storm? Let me know in the comments below!


While there, we took advantage of our time and met so many good dogs…

Cheyenne – This five-year-old mama came in with puppies and even though they were adopted, she is still waiting for her perfect family. She does alright with other dogs but would prefer her own space, free from other pups. She’s super affectionate and sweet and is ready to bust out of the shelter. Check to see if Cheyenne is your perfect fit here.

Nash – They told us he was unsure of men, but within four minutes, Josh had this guy wrapped around his finger. He’s a very, very good boy who walks well on leash and knows his basic commands. You can find out all of Nash’s perfect qualities here.

Claire – Not to be totally shallow, but this girl is pure beauty. Her Heterochromia is super dreamy and makes this sweet Shepherd mix even more stunning. She loves to cuddle and be the center of attention so older children or an adults-only home would be ideal. Check out her 411 here.

Percy – 1/2 of the bonded pair, this sweet, low-key baby is easygoing and gentle. So easy going, we put him in a tree stump and he was pretty chill about it. He’s the Ying to Bailey’s Yang (see below) and is all kinds of perfect. Check out Percy’s profile here.

Bailey – The Yang to Percy’s Ying, this spunky boy demands attention and often gets in (because look how cute he is). He had to have his eye removed but he really doesn’t seem to notice. He’s adoptable as a pair with Percy because they are such great friends. For more information on Bailey, click here.


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All photos: Josh Feeney Photography

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