5 ways my body changed after giving up caffeine.

My husband left for LA on Tuesday morning, so Tuesday evening I picked up five kittens and their mama to foster for the week. It’s true, without my husband, I would be a (full-on) crazy cat lady. I’ll be writing a post next week on my second (successful??) foster experience but there’s something else I’ve been asked about a lot lately, my caffeine-free lifestyle.

I wrote a post last year about giving up caffeine, you can read all about that here. In a nutshell, I was getting awful headaches and finally figured out that I had a caffeine sensitivity. The good news is that I wasn’t a coffee addict, but man did I love tea. Black tea with a little bit of milk and sugar was my morning jolt followed by green tea in the afternoon. I have since replaced those with herbal teas, but the emotional response isn’t the same.

A lot of people are curious how I can live without caffeine, and truly it’s because I have to. I will admit from time to time I will indulge in a fountain Coke because that stuff is divine. Other than that, nada. So what’s it really like one year later? Let me tell you…

1. I have more energy – Yep, you read that right. Since giving up caffeine, I generally feel more awake once I start my day. I don’t have any mid-morning or early-afternoon slump.

2. I sleep better – I always tried to stay away from caffeine after 3 pm, but it still affected my sleep. I sleep more soundly through the night now and wake up generally feeling better rested.

3. Everything is running smoothly – This is kind of a weird one to talk about but it’s true. My digestion seems to be in much better shape and I feel more regulated.

4. I’m more relaxed – While tea was a bit of a relaxing ritual, I don’t miss that jittery feeling I would sometimes get after a few too many cups. My body has adjusted and is definitely less tense most days.

5. The headaches are gone – This was the primary reason I decided to give up caffeine and since I have, I no longer get those awful headaches. Not everyone will experience this but it was definitely my body’s way of telling me it was over the drug.

There you have it, the top five ways my body has changed since giving up caffeine. I’ve talked to a few people who want to give it up and I encouraged them to try it. You’ll definitely miss it for the first couple days and weeks, but getting over that hump is so rewarding.

Would you ever give up caffeine? Have you tried before? Let me know in the comments below.


I’ve got two cuties from Chicago Canine Rescue for you today, both of which have been adopted!

Mickey – You’ve met this stud muffin before and I was sad to see him still in the shelter. He’s a wonderful boy and he finally found the home he deserves. Congrats Mickey!

Nicky – I don’t play favorites too often but Nicky made a little space for himself in my heart. He was a snuggly boy who just wanted to be my friend. He’s now made a permanent space in someone else’s heart and I have no doubt he is very happy!

Mia is one of my favorite girls and she’s still looking for her forever home. She’s the sweetest tripod you ever did meet. Sadly she’s not cat-friendly and would do well in a home with no dogs or a larger dog. I will give you free babysitting for LIFE. Check her out here.


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All photos taken by Maragric Rajic.

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2 thoughts on “5 ways my body changed after giving up caffeine.”

    1. It’s definitely not easy at first, but I totally am happy without it now! I still miss it from time to time but certainly not those side effects! And yes!! These pants are so cute right?! I Love the side slit 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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