new(ish) year, old passions.

There are many things in this life I am passionate about…wine, sweatpants, laughing fits and carbohydrates. Far outpacing those items, however, is my love for animals (my husband is a close second, and he’s okay with that.) Big, small, two, four and eight legged, feathers or scales, stripes or spots, I really don’t discriminate.

Naturally, I enrolled in pre-veterinary medicine to pursue my dream of helping animals. That goal fell flat (quite literally) when I fainted in lab class while dissecting a cow uterus. I packed up my pride and moved on to psychology where I could study minds without operating on them. After working in marketing and public relations, I’ve landed in finance. Real creative stuff.

Coupled with my drive to help animals, is my craving for smart and beautiful clothing. Aforementioned sweatpants aside, I love trying different trends, while still being a (late) twenty-something professional.

Unable to create a nine-to-five around my love for animals, I’ve landed here; the juxtaposition of fashion and finding forever homes for pets in need. Whether you’ve stumbled here because of the clothes, the canines or the cats, I am truly happy you are here.

I want to introduce the shelters in Chicago to a new audience, ones that may not stalk their websites daily (because honestly who does that…) and I want the people of Chicago to ensure every animal gets a loving home.

I’d like to end this post with a few thoughts…

First, I’m pro-adoption but I certainly understand wanting a specific breed of dog. After exhausting breed-specific rescues, I encourage those interested in buying from a breeder to ensure your pup is coming from a registered and reputable breeder.

Second, I’ve tried to list the details of the clothes in my posts, but if you have more questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Shout out to the girls who tell you where they got their clothes.

Lastly, I hope to make this a shelter community, connecting rescues in need with people looking to help or get involved. I’ll be posting the happenings of shelters in the area, so if you know of something going on, send me a note. It goes down in the DM. Wait no, no I don’t think that’s what that means.


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