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Back in January, I announced that every month I wanted to work with a new shelter. So when I was at AntiCruelty Society’s recent annual fundraiser and ran into the manager of the Everyday Adoption Center, I was thrilled she wanted me to visit their location. The EAC is actually part of the Anti-Cruelty Society but it’s located in the South Loop inside a PetSmart. It was a completely different environment than their River North location so I’m counting it as this month’s new shelter.

The Everyday Adoption Center is a satellite location of the Anti-Cruelty Society. The dogs, cats and yes, guinea pigs, are all brought in from the River North location. They house approximately 20 dogs and 10 cats all ready for their forever homes. The EAC was created in partnership with PetSmart Charities so costs to the Anti-Cruelty are limited.

When you visit, it doesn’t seem like a shelter. Rather, it reminded me of pet stores that sold dogs that I used to visit as a kid. It was clean and visitor-friendly and there were dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. My favorite part was the off-leash romp room where all the dogs were playing. I loved this overall idea and approach to adoption. It seemed to take the barriers away from the general public and make adopting more of a shopping experience.

In this 2018, it still shocks me that people can walk into a pet store and buy a puppy. Most pet stores will claim their puppies come from “reputable breeders” and show buyers a certificate saying as much. Pocket Puppies, a store here in Chicago that sells “teacup” and “smaller than average” puppies, gives zero insight into where their dogs come from. And while they claim that “specific information [about the breeder] is given to the customer at the time of orientation” the fact that they don’t have any accreditation listed about the breeders on their website is a red flag to me.

Unfortunately, this is the norm rather than the exception, but slowly things are changing. There are currently 200 cities that ban the sale of puppies in pet stores unless they are from rescues. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Austin and even Chicago have enacted laws and regulations against selling puppies in pet stores, unless from rescues. Pocket Puppies currently has 3 (out of 24) dogs that are older and may be rescues, but I couldn’t confirm this. An article from 2016 states that the store is “operating illegally in plain sight.” The store is still open, but I hope they change their ways or get shut down soon.

While I can (maybe) understand why someone would want to find a reputable breeder and buy a puppy, I don’t have much tolerance for pet store puppies these days. I know plenty of people who have bought puppies from them previously and I don’t judge them for it. There was a lack of public knowledge and understanding about the seriousness of dog and cat overpopulation. But now, we are all a little wiser. My hope is that people walking into the Everyday Adoption Center in the PetSmart may not have known a lot about adoption, but this new approach will spread awareness of adoptable pets.

What are your thoughts? Were you surprised that 200+ cities ban the sale of puppies in pet stores? Have you ever checked out the AntiCruelty’s South Loop location? Let me know in the comments below!


The average stay at the EAC isn’t very long, but I wanted to spotlight two pups that have been patiently waiting their turn for longer than average.

Meet Primo – This super lovable boy has been at the EAC for 109 days. He was brought into AntiCruelty as a stray by a Good Samaritan and has shown his appreciation ever since. He loves puppies and small dogs that can keep up with his energy. His ears are ridiculous and he’s ready to find his forever home. Is Primo your soulmate? Find out more here.

Miss Luna – This friendly girl is all about fun. She loves to play and has all the energy for it. She enjoys dogs of similar size and playfulness and would do well in an active home. She also gives plenty of kisses and loves to cuddle up. She’s a southern lady from Mississippi, but she’s ready to find her forever home here in Chicago. To see if Luna is for you, click here.


I told you already about my stop at American Eagle and here’s further proof that they’re killing the game. This top is perfect for that spring feel under layers (because Chicago will never be warm). I paired it with an old jacket from H&M but I found a similar one for you to shop the look below!



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