My goals for 2020 – Hold me to these!

Well, here we are. A brand new year full of possibilities. Like, everyone else, I feel a sense of excitement thinking about all the changes this year will bring. 2019 was full of so many new beginnings so I’m certain this year will focus on growing those starts. 

Resolutions are not my thing. Those feel restrictive and always disappointing. So instead, I focus on intentions and goals. I firmly believe that goal setting plays a big role in success. So, here I am, putting pen to paper (fingers to keys) and showing you what I’m working towards in 2020. 

Making Rescue in Style sustainable

Over the past three years, I’ve invested in this little blog of mine. I pay for my clothes, photographer, gas, props, website and lots of treats. It’s not cheap but I always considered it an investment and I loved it. At the end of last year, I finalized my first paid partnership with Fetch Eyewear (!!) one of the companies I’ve always hoped to work with. I have turned down plenty of paid posts and partnerships with companies that aren’t a good fit or that I have never used before. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow that partnership and maybe another one in 2020.

Eventually, I would love to be able to do rescue work and Rescue in Style full time. When I’m not doing all of this fun stuff, I work in finance. While it’s been a wonderful company to work for, I know my heart is with rescue. Being able to work with animals full time would be a dream and one I’m continually working towards.  

(Code Rescueinstyle gets you 15% off Fetch Eyewear – a company that donates 100% of profits to animal rescue!)

Get pitties out of CACC

I am (not) literally bursting at the seems to be able to tell you about this one! I’m going to be writing a full post about it soon, but I’ve taken on a new role with Second City Canine Rescue. I’ll be working on their intake team, specifically focusing on their local intake. This means I’ll help evaluate and find dogs that are a good fit for their program. Specifically, since I’m already a volunteer at Chicago Animal Care & Control, I’m going to focus on our pitties. My goal is to get more of these pit bull type dogs out of our city shelter and into loving foster homes. 

Increase Rescue Chicago donations

Rescue Chicago was founded less than nine months ago and I’m already so proud of the work we’ve done. Starting a 501(c)3 was never on my radar, but seeing an opportunity to help the most at-risk animals encouraged us to act. Since May, we gave out 10 medical sponsorships to dogs and cats in need. We were able to help rescues pay for supplies, services, and vetting so that they could focus on the dogs without having to worry over finances.

In 2020, I know we’re going to continue to help so many animals and that’s in large part thanks to your generosity. Thank you to all of you who have donated and supported our efforts!

Support local small businesses

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me working with small, woman-owned businesses. It’s something I started recently doing. Going into local boutiques and talking about the store and then, of course, getting to try on a few outfits. So far, I’ve worked with Kiz Chicago, Sararose, Belle Up Boutique, and RBC Showroom.

I’m looking forward to finding more boutiques in the area while also continuing to support the ones I’ve already partnered with. If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram for all the fun!

Feature more breed-specific rescues

When people ask me what my mission is with Rescue in Style, it’s simple. I want to show people all the amazing dogs that are available in rescue and encourage people to adopt over purchasing a dog. With that in mind, I know I tend to spotlight blocky-headed pitties more than any other dog. It’s not my fault they’re so cute! But oftentimes, I get asked about where to find a certain breed of dog. With a quick google, I can usually find a breed-specific rescue close by. 

I would love to partner with more of these kinds of rescues. Previously I’ve worked with Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Greyhounds Only, and Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption. Are there any breeds in particular you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Foster more

In 2019 I fostered four dogs and 12 kittens. I am happy to say that every single one of my fosters found an amazing forever home. Of course, there were ups and downs, and plenty of tears, but it was wonderful. At the end of last year, we moved into a new home with a teeny tiny fenced-in yard. I hope that our new set up will be more conducive to fostering so we can continue finding more the best homes. 

Be in the moment

This goal is much more personal, but it’s by far the hardest one. I often find myself sitting on my couch watching TV with my laptop open and phone in my hand. It’s almost as if I feel like I can’t fully turn off my work life. I’m generally commenting and responding to things on social media while doing something else. 

Putting my phone down, having good conversations, and being more in the moment are top of mind for me. I want to be able to invest myself fully in the task at hand. Whether that’s relaxing, working, or enjoying time with loved ones. If you have any tips for this goal, please let me know!

Continue supporting local rescues

Last year was full of new beginnings, but I don’t want that to take away from the partnerships I’ve already created. I want to still write and support the rescues that have supported me. 

I guess this is the perfect time for a little preview of One Tail at a Time! I stopped by at the end of last year to say hello and am thrilled about everything they’re working towards. I’ll be sharing even more details next week, but suffice it to say OTAT is still one of the most innovative and progressive rescue organizations in the area. They’re truly pushing the bounds in what it means to be a rescue and I’m looking forward to the impact they’re going to have on the animals.

2020 is full of possibilities and excitement. I am ready to embrace a new year with its unique challenges. I’m ready to grow and work and take time for myself. We all know it’s not going to be smooth sailing, but I’ve got my sails up, ready to catch whatever gusts come my way.


Banana Split – I’m still not totally sure what this thing is. Maybe part Dachshund, maybe part pittie, but certainly 100% cute. This girl loves her walks and while she’s small, she’s mighty. She’s a no non-sense walker and will walk briskly to see and smell what’s around. Banana Split would do best as the only dog but with her love and devotion, you won’t need anyone else! Available for adoption through One Tail at a Time.

Kipling – This beautiful, young hound mix boy is nothing but sweetness. He walked so well on leash and is happy to be by your side. Kipling is about nine months old and loves to show off how handsome while out and about. Kipling is also available for adoption through One Tail at a Time.


I scooped this top from my friend Sararose during her popup event. Her clothes are always made from sustainable materials and responsibly sourced. She just launched a new line of athletic wear. You can shop that here. Sararose kindly offered a discount to you all! 20% off with code Rescueinstyle 🙂

The top I’m wearing will be available shortly!

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All photos: Margaret Rajic

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