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You guys, Rawlings slept in this morning until 7:10 am. I feel like a new person!! We are very excited about this turn of events and progression towards a normal sleep schedule. Fingers crossed we keep it going, would be nice not to have to greet the sun every morning. Anyways, this passt weekend I got to spend time with another furry friend who you’ve met before, Olive. This sweet pittie and I bopped around Chicago and explored the art mural scene as we took over Woof and Walls Instagram for the day!

Stop #1 – Greetings from Chicago – 2226 N. Milwaukee

The best way to kick off our mural tour was with a true Chicago statement. This wall is a collaboration between artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs. The duo has created similar murals around the country as part of a Greetings from” tour. The wall was created in 2015 as a nod to all things Chicago: a hot dog sans ketchup, deep dish pizza, Ferris Bueller, and all the local sports teams.

Stop #2 – Ava’s Italian Ice – 1814 N. Western Ave. 

This bright fruit tree wall too juicy not to stop at. We had the most beautiful spring day and this mural reminded me of summer days and being a kid. I wanted nothing more than to rollerblade around the neighborhood with friends while indulging in a cool treat. I couldn’t find any artist info but be sure to stop by and grab some Italian ice while you’re there!

Stop #3 – Birds of Latin America – 2601 W. Division

I knew I wanted to stop at this mural because it felt like we were stepping into a tropical paradise. The toucans, flamingos, and parrots. The mural was painted by artist Gamaliel Ramirez in 1981 and was restored in 2004. It’s a beautiful painting in by an artist who has seen the city transform, check it out and enjoy the bit of history.

Stop #4 – The Bear Champ – 1824 W Division

You can’t do a Chicago murals tour without stopping by one of JC Riveria‘s pieces. The Bear Champ is his iconic character that represents the struggle of any artist. When JC first drew him, the bear was a smoker with a black eye. Over the years, the character cleaned up and became a champion sporting a crown. I personally love JC’s pieces and enjoy spotting them all over Chicago.

Stop #5 – Graffiti – 1438 N. Milwaukee

I wanted to show off all the different kinds of styles Chicago artists have to offer. This piece by another famous artist, Asend, is the graffiti I grew up knowing. How times have changed now that these same artists are commissioned to create murals that once got them in trouble. The detail and colors in this particular piece are incredible.

Stop #6 – I Love Mom – 1438 N. Milwaukee

The last stop on our tour was right next to Asend’s piece. You could still smell the wet paint as this mural is brand new. The Print Lab and Flowers for Dreams teamed up with local artist, Audrey Brown for this Mother’s Day inspired mural. The wall is only temporary and will be up through the end of May so check it out while you have the chance!

It was so much fun to explore Chicago’s mural scene. I haven’t been able to get out and do much mural shooting so it was incredible to learn about the artists while hanging out with the cutest adoptable pup on the block.

Have you seen any of these? What are your favorite walls in Chicago? Let me know in the comments below!


You’ve met this lady before and she’s back because she’s still looking for her forever home. Olive is a six-year-old pittie mix with the cutest smile giving all the kisses. She has been with her foster mom for almost eight months and in that time has learned how to be oh-so-polite. She knows all her commands and listens so well. She’d do well in a home as the only dog, but she loves children. For more information about Olive, click here or contact Be Fido’s Friend!


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