my Christmas wish.

I sat here at my computer for a bit thinking about this topic that I wanted so desperately to write about. “What really is my Christmas wish?” I pondered to myself while staring at a blank screen. A couple of thoughts came to mind right away… a home for all the shelter dogs, stricter laws against puppy mills, an endless budget for all the rescues, and of course world peace. Now I also have selfish wishes too: to win the lottery, to adopt all the dogs & cats myself, and to live in a massive house with lots of acres so that I can have room for said animals. So when I thought about it more, I came to the fairly simple conclusion that this year, my Christmas Wish is to have a plan. And maybe a dog.

A plan. Really? Well, yeah. I mean, I have all these ideas that I’m ready to turn into action, I just need to map the road to getting there. With so many goals and hopes, it can be easy to get lost in the daily work of running a website, but if I continue to get lost in the daily work, I’ll lose sight of where I’m going. Just like a ship needs a captain and a crew, I need to remember to be both.

There are so many benefits to having a solid, written, well thought-out roadmap. It breaks large goals up into achievable ones, creates actionable items, and allows for an objectionable view of my business. Now, this wish isn’t one that will just poof itself to life (bummer), it’s something I need to take on and work through myself. While Santa is cool and all, I don’t think he totally gets my vision (spoiler alert: it’s not sugar plums). So I’m checking out resources and tools to simplify the process.

And this little plan of mine? I’m gonna let it shine (let it shine, let it shine, let it shine) because it’s going to be the reason many of my goals are achieved. And I can’t wait for that. If I can finalize my plan and really fine tune it, I have no doubt that the rest of my hopes and dreams will become realities.

Have you ever created a business plan? What tools and resources did you use in creating one? What advice do you have for someone who is working on theirs? Let me know in the comments below!



Meet Bridgette, the absolute sweetest girl with great manners. Sure, she’s a pittie mix and might look intimidating, but she’s a gentle soul that walks so well on a leash. She was easy to handle and would do great in a home that enjoys walks and playing fetch. She gets along really well with large, male dogs. For more information about Bridgette, click here.

Oh Helga. This little terrier mix is a senior lady but absolutely young at heart. She was more energetic than Bridgette…by far. She’s everyone’s favorite and gives so many kisses. This pint size girl is loads of fun and ready to find her forever home just in time for the holidays. For more information about Helga, click here.

Last but not least are these two little bugs that came in together and are looking to leave together. Emma and Gracie might be shy at first but once they warm up they are ready to be yours forever. Since they’re a bit shy, they would do well in a home without children. For more information about Emma and Gracie, click here.


I wear this skirt every year at Christmas and I’ve had it for almost seven years. In other related news, I’m getting old. I loved this sequin top from Free People with the dark maroon. I felt like I was all dressed up and ready for the holidays. Shop the look below!




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