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I think I have officially burnt myself out. I now have a cold and my body/liver hates me after all the fun traveling. Luckily I’m working from home today and taking this rainy day slow, snuggling up with the cats.
I spent this past weekend up in Michigan with friends for a golf and wine trip. Now if you know me (and event if you don’t) you mayunderstand my hesitation with the golf portion of the trip. I’m by no means an athlete and beyond that, golf somewhat stresses me out. So when it was time for everyone to hit the links, I opted out and headed to the local animal shelter instead.
Homeward Bound Animal Shelter is situated on beautiful property in Manistee County. The shelter is bright with resident cats greeting you upon arrival and encouraging you to stay for a bit. The staff couldn’t be friendlier or more accommodating for my drop-in visit.  They were happy to answer questions and give me a quick tour of the facility.
When it was timeto go to the dog room, I was anxious to see what sort of conditions the dogs were housed in but relieved to find they’re given indoor and outdoor space to romp in. They also are given off-leash playtime in one of the three large outdoor kennels. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that these dogs are given so many resources.
There were only about seven dogs there when I visited but the biggest surprise to me wasn’t the number of dogs at the shelter, but the kinds. Out of the seven dogs, three were Hound dogs and only one was a Pit Bull mix. Coming from Chicago, I’m so used to Pitties dominating the shelter scene and was excited to experience new kinds of dogs I hadn’t encountered previously while working on this project.
There was a Redbone Coonhound, an English Foxhound and Black and Tan Mix all of who were sweet and friendly and full of love to give. When I asked why hounds are more common at their shelter, they replied that people in Michigan love hounds and that they’re often used for hunting. Being it was a rural area of Michigan, this made perfect sense.
I asked about how the dogs came to the shelter and was surprised again. Most of the hounds are picked up by animal control and then relinquished to the state by their owners. Now owner surrenders aren’t anything new to me, but majority of the cases in Chicago are brought to a shelter and given up for reasons ranging from not enough time to landlord issues. When I asked about why dogs are surrendered up in Michigan, I was told it’s usually due to cost.
You see, this is why I want to travel and write about rescue pets in different areas. Only five hours away from Chicago, and already there are many differences between the two demographics. By learning about different geographical struggles, I want to highlightissues that each area struggles with and help connect the dots. Figure out how we can work together to solve the issue of homeless pets.
I most certainly don’t have all the answers yet, but by continuing to explore and learn about shelters, maybe I can piece some things together and just maybe we can reduce the burden of the shelter system.
It’s a safe bet that when I book my next trips, I’ll definitely be making sure I can stop in and visit with the rescue organization in the area.


Okay I’m really not even sure where to begin with each of these sweethearts because they’re all so perfect.
Clifford (yes just like that Clifford) is a Redbone Coonhound and he is such a cool boy. He’s very large but just as gentle. He’s about five years old and is extremely loving. He would be fine with other dogs but he probably not cats. A shame because I would totally have him.
The next sweet, sweet girl is Wiggles and she is an eight-month-old lady who is full of kisses. Since she is still a pup, she’ll need a little bit of training but would make the perfect addition to any family.
Finally, Ariel. I mean, if you want a happy-go-lucky girl, here you go. Ariel is a charming and lovely two-year-old pup that doesn’t mind other dogs or cats. She’s patiently waiting for her forever home and will make any future family so happy.
For more information about any of these dogs, click here.


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