Where the broken animals go

The last few weeks have been insane, but things are finally starting to settle down. We still have Apricot, but the rest of the foster kittens have gone on to their forever homes. It’s always so bittersweet to say goodbye. I had plenty to keep me distracted though, including these cuties from a new rescue!

I first heard about MCP Rescue last year when someone asked me for help rehoming two bulldogs. Since I was still fairly new to rescue, I reached out to Sarah Lauch who said she had the perfect rescue in mind. She introduced me to Marta, the founder of MCP Rescue, who has an affinity for broken dogs.

Since then, I’ve been following their efforts and have found that they do have a soft spot for the abused, neglected, abandoned, and all pets in need. From big oafs to small fluffs, they don’t discriminate. MCP Rescue helps animals with broken bones and broken spirits learn to trust again. 

MCP Rescue is a foster-based rescue located in Chicago. While they focus primarily on dogs, they’ve got a few species in their care. Along with dogs, MCP works with cats and also has a horse in rescue. They don’t care what sort of animal it is if it is in need, they take it in. MCP Rescue is a safe haven for the animals that truly need a lifeline.

What I really enjoyed about MCP is the community they’ve created amongst their fosters and volunteers. During our photo shoot, I met three fosters that have been with the organization for a while. They were all laughing, sharing stories, and swapping tips for fostering. It was only a small bit of time, but the vibe was comfortable and very team-oriented.

Rescue is already tough work and MCP takes on some of the hardest cases. The stories they hear, the animals they see, it can’t be easy. I am thankful they are willing to do this work that so many others would shy away from. So are the animals that they work with. 

If you’d like to support MCP Rescue’s efforts to continue saving animals, you can donate here


Piggy – If I got to create my perfect dog, it would look like this baby angel. Short, squatty, ridiculous , and low to the ground, she’s perfection. Piggy was found in an alley in terrible condition. She had definitely had litter of puppies but never received much care. Now Piggy is looking and feeling great. They learned she loves children and is dog-friendly. She’s the perfect nanny dog and would love a home with lots and lots of kids. You can apply to adopt her here. 

Frankie – This little man had a rough life before he came to MCP. He’s such a sweet and gentle boy that would love to spend the rest of his years in a home with a comfy couch for him to snuggle up on. He’ll be available for adoption shortly, for more information, you can contact MCP here


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All photos: Margaret Rajic

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6 thoughts on “Where the broken animals go”

  1. BOTH of my pups are MCP doggos. MCP by far is the first rescue I’ve worked with and honestly…I plan to stick with MCP for good. Marta goes above and beyond not only the rescues, but also us adopters. She is willing to call you and talk any time (ex: when I panicked about my first LOVELY rescue’s stitches or at almost midnight the first night with our second adopted doggo). She sees the good in the most broken and gives them the opportunity to live to their utmost potential and have wonderful lives. I may be biased, but my dogs are absolute gems and I forever will thank MCP.

    1. I have heard similar stories from so many people about MCP. They truly are with you for life and will always be there to support their dogs and adopters. I’m so happy to hear you’ve had a wonderful experience! Thank you for choosing to adopt <3

    1. I still foster and volunteer with Second City 🙂 I work with rescues all over Chicago to spotlight all the wonderful organizations saving so many incredible animals.

  2. Hi Christine! I stumbled somehow upon your blog while doing research for an article I am writing for fundraising and spay/neuter awareness. You remind me of me when I was your age – I was in my late-20ies in the late 1990ies and was living in Chicago. I wanted to volunteer where no one else went so I found the city shelter. The place was so sad back then :(( but thankfully it has come along way. I started a volunteer board and a regular board and also got many poeple my age to come out and volunteer. We started a volunteer group with trainings and regular meetings which sounds like it is still running. Anyway, thank you for what you do and for your creativity and enthusiasm to keep the change going up there. Please keep in touch — I have since moved to New Mexico and trying to help down here. The stats are pretty tough down here (similar to Tx and boarder states) but thankfully slowly getting better. —

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I also am blown away that you volunteered at Chicago ACC back then, I can’t imagine how sad that was. You are a true inspiration! We’re in a really good position here in Chicago now, and I’m lucky to be a part of such an amazing rescue community. I imagine being close to TX is tough with, it’s one of the highest euthanasia rates in the US (which I know you know!) You are wonderful and thank you for all you’re doing for so many animals. Would love to connect if you’re ever back in Chicago! Or feel free to email 🙂 Stay well!

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