Jack’s Story

I have to say, I’m smitten with these foster kittens. After fostering two dogs back to back, I forgot how much I enjoyed fostering baby kitties. Mama cat is also the sweetest so we are very happy to have her stay. Between the 8 cats, a dog, my job, Rescue in Style, and my latest venture, things are a bit crazy.

Something I have yet to “officially” discuss on here is the recent launch of a foundation I founded with Tara Majeed and Margaret Fraser. Rescue Chicago is an independent organization that aims to unify and connect the Chicago rescue community. Our goal is to support fosters, volunteers, donors, adopters, and rescues in order to reduce the number of animals euthanized each year. Thurston was really the inspiration for it all.

Most recently, we decided to take a very special dog on a field trip. Jack survived the fire that claimed more than 30 lives of dogs earlier this year. After the fire, Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue tried to find him a foster but his preference to be the only dog in a home forced them to put him in boarding.

He’s now been in boarding for more than four months and it was starting to take its toll. To alleviate some of the stress, Tara and I asked if we could take Jack on a field trip for some chicken nuggets and a puppaccino. We also took him for a little photo shoot with Mandy Dempsey. All of this was so that we could give him a break and also get to meet the little survivor we had heard so much about.

Jack couldn’t have been more of a gentleman during our shoot. He sat perfectly, posed for treats, and took the treats gently. I mean, the pictures are proof of just how handsome he is. We could tell he was stressed because he was so thin, but he was still so happy and sweet, we fell in love.

When Tara dropped Jack off, he displayed signs of sadness. He whined going back into the facility. Later that week, we were heartbroken to hear he had started to deteriorate even more. He had broken teeth and toes by trying to get out of his cage. We knew we had to work fast before he was beyond saving.

Thanks to a lot of teamwork, Rescue Chicago was able to get Jack out of boarding and into a temporary foster home. His current foster mom loves him and if it weren’t for her work schedule, she’d be more than willing to keep him longer. Today, she told us, “Oh he’s so Wonderful!… I bought him some toys yesterday, he tore out a squeaker but his favorite toy is a tennis ball.”

He’s started to put on some weight and we’d really love to keep him out of boarding indefinitely. For now, he has to be the only dog in a home, but he’ll give you more than enough love if you let him. If you or someone you know is able to foster Jack, please email me at Christine@rescueinstyle.com.


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