it’s friday night baby and i’m alive.

Whew! You guys, it’s been the most amazing (and slightly stressful) week of my Rescue Runway life. Between the Fashion Show on Wednesday and the Shop for a Cause event last night, it’s safe to say I’m wiped. Combined, the two events raised hundreds of dollars for Anti-Cruelty Society and One Tail at a Time. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and showed support, it really, truly meant the world to me and the animals. It’s only the beginning of these fundraising type of events I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Spoiler alert: I’m already planning the next one. 

I couldn’t help but title this post with a play on my favorite quote from GIRLS because this past week, I also managed to squeeze in the most amazing visit with ALIVE Rescue. I’ve been keeled over with excitement to share this organization with you. When I walk into a new rescue, I swear I’m a kid in a candy shop and when I learned all about ALIVE, it was just a sweet as I could hope. 

If you remember my post about Famous Fido, you’ll know that I am trying to partner with rescues that take on some of the tougher cases. Of course, each shelter is a piece of the animal welfare puzzle, but my heart really swells when I learn about an organization that takes in pets that some might call underdogs.

Just this past weekend, Kristen, the Founder of ALIVE Rescue, went to Chicago Animal Care and Control and picked up two feral dogs. After living years on the streets, these dogs were scared to be touched or even looked at by people. These two pups will have a long road ahead of them but that’s exactly the kind of dog that Alive believes needs to be saved. I have no doubt Kristen and her team will work with these two feral dogs until they are nothing but love.

The staff and volunteers at ALIVE Rescue believe wholeheartedly that all dogs and cats, no matter age, size, and issues, deserve a loving home. Is it easy? Absolutely not, but each person I met at Alive is so passionate about the cause and the small but mighty Little Barn. They know puppies can be easier to adopt out than an adult dog, but it doesn’t stop them from taking in every kind of animal.

Another unique trait of ALIVE is their commitment to being “green” and as eco-friendly as possible. I think being an animal lover and a fan of the environment go hand-in-hand because you can’t have one without the other. ALIVE gets that and wants to do their part to ensure this earth will be here for plenty more generations to enjoy. They use rags instead of paper towels, compostable poop bags, eco-friendly cat litter, energy efficient appliances…the list goes on and on with all they are doing to be as green as possible. While it can certainly be more expensive to buy natural and biodegradable products, ALIVE doesn’t shy away from this challenge either.

I think that was my takeaway from this rescue. They welcome obstacles, they live to overcome hurdles, and they are unapologetically badass. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a shelter, but no word describes them better. They are fighters for the underdogs and willing to do what it takes to make each and every life a happy one.

If you want to meet some of these cool people, mark your calendars now for their upcoming events: 

Kenway Consulting Charity Golf Outing – September 9
A golf outing benefitting One Tail at a Time filled with raffle prizes and a buffet lunch. Bonus: Can’t make it? Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win $8,000.

Ride ALIVE – September 17

A fun treasure hunt on your bike where you have to solve puzzles and race to the finish line at Beaygle Brewery. Ummm…so fun.

ALIVE Rescue might work with underdogs, but in my mind, these guys are some top dogs for what they’re doing for animals everywhere. Thank you ALIVE for opening your Little Red Barn door to me, I look forward to stopping by again soon!


As I mentioned, ALIVE isn’t looking for easy cases, they are looking for dogs that will make a family happy. Such is the case with these two adorable pups that I got to meet and shoot with.
Maxwell, oh Maxwell. This Cocker Spaniel may be deaf, but he certainly doesn’t lack any personality. He was all about those kisses and even knows some sign language to get him through that whole hearing loss thing. He also does fantastic on walks and would do great with almost any family. He’s also a senior man but you wouldn’t know it from his energy level. His happy-go-lucky vibe is just what anyone can fall in love with. For more information on Maxwell, click here.

Johnny is an old, black, large, dog. In the rescue world, this poor guy has absolutely everything going against him, but his sweet disposition, it would be a mistake to overlook him. Johnny came to ALIVE from a hoarding house in Tennessee and while he may be 10 years old, he acts like a teenager ready for walks and snuggles. He knows sit, is easy to walk on leash, and is a gentleman with manners just looking to spend his golden years in a loving home. For more information on Johnny, click here.



I have a thing for maxi dresses and when I found this one, I had to have it. You may have seen me on and that’s because they love animals too and have really great program with a rescue in LA called Wags and Walks. I will forever support businesses that encourage people to adopt and knowing Lauren herself is a huge rescue advocate, I’m hooked on her every move. This dress is from her Kohl’s line and I’m obsessed. I felt like a Goddess (Khaleesi??) walking in this dress through the streets of Chicago with these pups by my side. Shop the look below and get it asap bc it’s under $40!


Pawssip Girl
ALIVE Rescue Chicago
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