How One Tail at a Time is Revolutionizing Rescue

Okay. What is this weather? If you’re not living in Chicago, which today is colder than parts of Antarctica, (wat) it was -31948 degrees. I mean, it was really only -13 but with windchill, it was -42. So that’s cool. Rawlings is also seemingly fine with this weather and is demanding long walks. So that’s also cool. But, I digress. Something that actually is cool is that One Tail at a Time recently launched an Isolation Center and you helped support it.

Last November, I (along with fellow boss babe Johanna Bertini), launched the #StrongBitch campaign. The campaign celebrated women in rescue who embodied both mental and physical strength. We also partnered with local gyms and hosted workouts all over the city to raise funds for One Tail at a Time. Specifically, the funds were used to help launch One Tail’s Isolation (ISO) Center, a revolutionary concept that would act as temporary housing for dogs coming from our city shelters.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, what the heck is an isolation house and why is this so revolutionary? Well, if you’d let me finish, I’d tell you that the house acts as quarantine to help eliminate the spread of infectious diseases commonly found in city shelters. Back in 2016, there was an outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus (the dog flu). It spread when dogs in the shelter were adopted or fostered and came into contact with healthy dogs. When this happened, One Tail created the Isolation Foster program.

Isolation fosters are those without any other dogs. Any dog that comes from the city shelters must go to an Isolation Foster to ensure the dog doesn’t have any contagious illnesses. Now, it should be noted that not all rescues mandate an isolation foster home for dogs coming straight from city shelters. One Tail, ALIVE, Chicago Canine Rescue, and many others are taking precautions to ensure the safety of all dogs. 

While this is an amazing step in helping to keep our dogs healthy, there is a major shortage of isolation fosters to be found. Think about it, most people who love dogs, have a dog. So many dogs would be waiting for an isolation foster spot to open up before they could break out of our city shelters. That’s when One Tail had an idea, create a house specifically for isolation. This way the dogs would be able to get out of the shelter without having to wait for an isolation foster home to open up. 

So began the quest to open up an ISO Center. Last year, One Tail bought a place in Logan Square with the contingency that the building would be rezoned. Previously the building was an alcohol store so One Tail has to get it zoned for an animal care facility. That’s where the hiccup happened. The City of Chicago was supposed to approve of the zoning change back in July. Sadly, the building is still in limbo as we are waiting for the good ole city to approve it at some meeting, sometime, soonish. Come on Chicago!

So, after waiting months, One Tail said, “eff this” (my words, not theirs’), and decided to open up a temporary Isolation Center. Meaning, until the original Isolation Center is rezoned and built, the dogs have somewhere to go! As of December, the Temporary Isolation Center is up and running and man is it perfect. There’s a huge fenced in play lot, an office, and ample space for dog crates with warm beds, food, and safety for all. 

I saw the Isolation Center firsthand when Johanna and I busted out this boy, Goth Garth, from CACC and brought him to the ISO Center. This is in large part thanks to you all who came out and donated to the #StrongBitch campaign! With your help, we raised $5,400 for One Tail’s ISO Center. I am so proud of this campaign and all it did for Chicago’s animals. 

The temporary ISO Center is going to dramatically affect the number of dogs we can save from our city shelters. Last year, One Tail pulled 257 dogs and cats from CACC and 95 dogs from Animal Welfare League. That’s 352 dogs and I know the ISO Center will only increase that number. Dogs that normally would have to sit and wait can be moved quickly. This will not only save them, but also open up more space and time for other dogs in our shelters. It gives every dog a better chance of finding their perfect forever home. 

I can’t wait to see how the ISO Center will impact the dogs in our city shelters. It’s a huge asset to have and I’m looking forward to seeing One Tail continue to revolutionize how rescue works. 

The Rescues:

Goth Garth: Have you ever seen a dog so handsome? I didn’t think so. That’s because he is the love child of Johanna and myself. He may be into heavy metal and black makeup, but we love him even more for it. He’ll be available for adoption soon so stay tuned!

Charmin: Named because she is quite literally the softest thing, this baby girl is super sweet. And also, very good at modeling. She’s also in foster and will make her way to the Adoption Center shortly. Until then, check out the cutest dogs available for adoption, here

The Style:

Well, to be fair, I wore this outfit when it wasn’t -3023 degrees. I got these pants for Christmas and I’d definitely size down. The shoes are vegan leather (hayyy) but definitely taller than an every day boot. Shop the look below!

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2 thoughts on “How One Tail at a Time is Revolutionizing Rescue”

  1. This is such a great idea! I never considered the need for an isolation facility but it sounds like it’s reallyhelping animals in need at shelters. I’m really digging the goth makeup ?? and Charmin looks as soft as you claim!

    1. It’s a fantastic concept that I know will be so impactful. I can’t wait to see it grow. Garth is a total softie, don’t let his exterior fool ya 😉

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