How Mutts of the Midway is Making Rescue Fun

Deep breaths. It’s been a hard week for rescue. Dogs and cats just keep flooding into the system. Between flooding across the US, a recent hoarding situation, a puppy mill case, kitten season, and our city shelter, things are rough. It’s hard during these weeks, to stay positive but by focusing on the success stories, it keeps me going. It’s always really important to still have fun with rescue and that is something I found myself having with Mutts of the Midways.

Mutts of the Midway is a newer rescue that popped on the scene last fall. The rescue is run by two of the nicest and most appreciative women who have so much passion for rescue. Ashley and Jamie are a much needed bright spot in a dreary week. When I worked with them, they kept things light and breezy. They made me laugh when Ashley donned their purple mascot Lenny and posed hilariously against the Chicago skyline. It was one of the most fun shoots because they made it so enjoyable.

I got the same sense from their fosters as well. The fosters who brought dogs said so many wonderful things about fostering for them. It was obvious that Ashley and Jamie’s kindness and compassion was felt amongst the organization. Brisco’s foster mom made sure to tell me how much she believed in them and their mission. 

Mutts of the Midway focuses on our city shelters as well as helping dogs in Texas. I love that they are saving local dogs and also dogs in one of the worst states in terms of Live Release Rate. In under a year, they’ve already adopted out almost 60 dogs. For a new and small rescue, that’s an incredible amount of dogs. 

It’s not only the number of dogs they’re helping though, it’s also that they’re doing a quality job at it. They save so many pitties which is are our most at-risk dogs for euthanasia in shelters. For our photo shoot, they brought four beautiful and perfect pitties and I loved each one so much. 

When I see a rescue succeeding, it means they’ve built a welcoming and fun culture that people want to be a part of. I know Mutts of the Midway is only just starting out but I cannot wait to see how much they grow over these next few years. 

If you’d like to get involved, Mutts of the Midway is always looking for volunteers and foster homes. You can sign simply email them at I promise you’ll have a blast and be a part of a wonderful and kind family if you do so. 


Murray – 5 years old and good with cats (!!), dogs, and, kids. What more could you ask for? She loves to go on walks and also play with her soccer ball in the backyard. Murray has a lot of love to give to her forever family. 

Brisco – 5 years old but 2 at heart. He hangout with his foster sibling Paisley. Brisco was very sick when rescued but is ready burn off some of his energy. He loves to play fetch and attend events with his foster mom.


Shirt is from my LC Lauren Conrad, raincoat is from Stockholm!




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