how I was wrong about Philadelphia.

I started this post on my flight home from Philadelphia. After a 48 hour whirlwind (and a Vikings loss) I had so many thoughts bouncing around my head. The one that stuck out the most though was how much I loved the city. You see, I had all these expectations and preconceived ideas about Philly, but it turns out, those were incorrect. The more I explored the city and met its people, I was blown away by how wrong I was. It was almost as if I was judging the city based on things I’d seen in the news, sort of like a certain breed that gets a similar unfair treatment from the media. That’s when I came to the realization that Philadelphia is basically the “pit bull” of cities.

Walking around in Chicago, if I pass 10 dogs, I would say I see maybe one pit bull type dog. In that same scenario in Philly, there were easily six. It was almost shocking to see all of them walking about and hanging out in bars (with their humans). And then it hit me, no wonder Philadelphians like these dogs, they’re just like them! Sure, they seem tough and gritty and give off a “don’t mess with me” vibe, but when you get to know them, they’re actually quite loveable.

I knew I wanted to visit an animal shelter and get a little info on why pitties are so popular in Philly.  I reached out to a few and one seemed open to the idea of me stopping by. Saved Me is a no-kill rescue in the Northern Liberties area. When I first walked in, I was slightly confused because it was a pet supplies store. Thankfully, the woman behind the counter noticed my confused look and kindly told me to head upstairs if I wanted to check out the rescue.

The rescue itself felt like a clubhouse. You walk up a set of winding stairs and at the top, you are greeted by a bright yellow room with dogs wagging their tails at you from behind glass doors. While the space was small, I marveled at how well designed and welcoming the place was. In total, they had about 16 dogs available for adoption with another few in back waiting to be vetted. You’re allowed to stop by whenever and take whoever you want on a walk. It was almost as if the shelter was made for people to just come hang out and get to know some dogs.

Sara, one of the staff members at Saved Me was super kind and helpful and yes, answered my 120391 questions. Of course I asked her why so many people had pitties in Philly and she replied with one of the most obvious answers, because they can. The state has banned any sort of breed specific legislation and very few landlords have any kind of breed restrictions. Sara has two large pit bull mix pups and has never had any issues finding a place to rent.

I absolutely misjudged the city before I was able to get to know it for myself. It is truly a wonderful city, and to the people of Philadelphia, I’m sorry I ever thought otherwise. Thank you for setting an example of what a dog-friendly city can and should look like. I’m forever grateful for the lessons you taught me and what you are doing for our four-legged misunderstood companions.

Have you ever been to Philly? Tell me what you liked! What city has surprised you and what did you take away from it? Let me know in the comments below!


I have two sweet baby girls for you today!

Meet Honey, this precious Golden Retriever was an owner surrender when her family got a puppy. Honey got sick of the puppy (what senior dog wouldn’t??) so Honey sadly got the boot. She is now waiting to get spayed and get a mass removed. Luckily she has a lot of interest but until her surgery, she won’t be adoptable. To help Honey with her surgery, click here.

The second girl embodies Philadelphia through and through. At first glance, she seemed tough and intimidating, but once I took her out and got to know her, she was as sweet and cute as they come. Silly is the longest resident of Saved Me, and I’m not totally sure why. I’ll give it to the girl, she is pure muscle and can pull you on a leash no problem, but she takes treats so gently and is able to sit on command. She is such a good girl that deserves a loving home and her adoption fee has been sponsored! My husband fell in love with her so quickly… you will too. For more information on Silly, click here.


We got lucky while in Philly… it was a balmy 45 degrees! With the sun out though it was actually quite nice. I was able to leave behind my winter coat in favor of my faux leather one. I wore my favorite chenille sweater, jeans, and trusty Adidas and called it a day. Shop the look below!



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