why chicago canine rescue is good clean fun.

I’ve mentioned it before but one of my goals for this year is to work with a new organization every month. We’re only two months into January and I’ve already met with four new rescues. Yes, I was an overachieving nerd in high school and I guess some things don’t change. So, without further ado, let’s get to talking about Chicago Canine Rescue.

Now I don’t (totally) consider myself a hippie, but every once in awhile, I walk into a place and feel positive energy. Call it good vibes or whatever, but Chicago Canine Rescue (CCR) definitely has them. After I walked in and signed the waiver, I browsed their waiting room which is filled with books, shirts, and even a “hot men with dogs” calendar. All the proceeds from the sales help support the shelter.

CCR currently cares for more than 60 dogs and a lone feline resident. I was shocked when I heard these numbers because I had assumed the organization was much smaller. The shelter manager, Anna, explained that they started as a foster-based rescue and then opened a location on Belmont which is now occupied by ALIVE Rescue. They moved to their current location in 2010 and man, is it beautiful.

Now, most people aren’t going to be blown away by its beauty, but when you work in rescue, you know a beautiful facility when you see one. And it’s not the actual facility you’re impressed with, but dedication and the hard work you know it takes to maintain it.

Let’s face it, dogs and cats, they can be…messy. They bring dirt inside, they shed, and they make messes in their cages. It’s commonplace for shelters to be a little dirty from the high concentration of pets in their care. I totally understand how hard it is to keep a facility clean so when I come across one that’s exceptionally spotless, it gives me a different kind of appreciation for the staff and volunteers.

Coupled with CCR’s gorgeous space was their attention to detail. All their supplies were thoroughly organized and easy to locate. Everything was easy to navigate and find, and everyone knew every dog’s name. I was constantly finding myself impressed with their process and operations. Such which again, speaks to the thorough dedication of their people.

Beyond the great care for both the dogs and the facility was their overall attitude. CCR is approachable for anyone, whether experienced with rescue or not. It’s bright, clean, friendly, and you can tell that the staff and volunteers really care about the animals. If you want to simply spend time with dogs, CCR has a dog walking program that will give anyone their doggy fix. If you want to meet adoptable dogs, you can drop by during visiting hours (Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 5pm-7pm, and weekends noon-5pm), or you can attend one of their many upcoming events. Whatever capacity you want to get involved in, they have it available.

It’s obvious I was blown away by Chicago Canine Rescue and all they’re doing for the animals of Chicago and beyond. From owner surrenders to rural partners, they don’t turn their backs on dogs who need them most. They welcome them into their care and provide a wonderful temporary home until they can find one forever.

Have you ever stopped by to check out the wonderful things that CCR is accomplishing? Let me know in the comments below!

The Rescues:

I was so lucky to meet some absolutely wonderful dogs at Chicago Canine Rescue…

Meet Mickey. Sure, he’s a senior, but you won’t find him acting like it. This sweet gentleman walks well on a leash and loves giving kisses. He’s got wonderful manners and is social with everyone he meets. If you love Cocker Spaniels, this guy will love you right back. For more information about Mickey, click here.

And now one of my favorites, Casey. I couldn’t tell you exactly what she is besides goofy and adorable. She’s the perfect size and doesn’t pull on the leash. She’s still a puppy so she would do well in an active home that can give her some pointers on how to dog. She’s very sweet and her ears will make absolutely anyone fall in love. For more information about Casey, click here.

CCR encourages anyone interested in adopting to fill out an application and then meet with several dogs before finding your perfect match.


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