How a new rescue is making a big impact.

Before I get started with today’s post, I wanted to again offer my condolences to every rescue and individual that was affected by Monday’s fire. To say it’s been an awful week would be an understatement but I am reminded that in these dark times, people truly do come together to make a positive change. The rescue that I’m writing about today lost two dogs in the fire, Tomo and Alistar. Fetching Tails Foundation cared deeply for them. This post is dedicated to Tomo and Alistar and every dog that passed Monday.

I came to know Fetching Tails Foundation through volunteering with CRISP. Kristen, the co-founder, and I met briefly at Chicago Animal Care & Control a couple of times. They are constantly throwing fun events, lead CRISP, pull tons of dogs, and they’re always posting adorable adoption photos. I was eager to work with them, yet intimidated by their success at the same time. When Kristen casually asked about a photo shoot, I tried to play it cool. My response was an enthusiastic heck yes.

Fetching Tails Foundation was founded only three years ago by Kristen, her mother Linda, and Doreen. They are based in Itasca, Illinois and just recently opened a facility to house dogs. The “hut,” as they lovingly refer to it, is a place for dogs to decompress or get over an illness. Before opening the hut, they were a foster-based organization that has grown tremendously within such a short period.

Within three years, they’ve managed to establish themselves as one of the top pullers at Chicago Animal Care & Control. Translation: they’ve transported a lot of dogs from our City shelter into their care. In fact, last year they pulled 213 dogs out of CACC. They were the third highest puller of dogs behind PAWS Chicago and One Tail at a Time.

Now, let me be clear, getting even one dog out of our city shelter and into a home is an incredible feat and should be celebrated. I am not at all diminishing that. What I am amazed by is that within a short period, Fetching Tails Foundation has managed to save so many.

Another incredible aspect of Fetching Tails Foundation is that they mainly help dogs within our city and state. They make it a point to prioritize the local population as much as possible. Kristen mentioned it’s one of the things they are trying to focus on. It’s one of the (many) things I think is wonderful about them.

In addition to all they’re doing, they’ve also done an incredible job with marketing. It doesn’t get much attention in rescue, but marketing is critical for rescue organizations. Fetching Tails has created a distinct brand that is easily identified by both the public and the rescue community. It’s one of the reasons I noticed them, and then kept noticing them. They are consistent with their messaging, making their social media posts stand out among others. A real feat in a chaotic social media world.

It’s hard to nail down and sum up why any rescue is successful, but I think the reasons mentioned above are part of why Fetching Tails Foundation has found success. After all, you don’t amass 30+ fosters and 100+ volunteers on accident. Rather, people are going to support those that they trust. Kristen and her co-founders have shown they are hard-working, compassionate, and inventive when it comes to saving lives… saving hundreds of lives.

If you’d like to volunteer with Fetching Tails Foundation, you can check out their application here. They are always looking for new fosters as well so you can fill out that application here.

A special thank you to Alison, the foster mom, for opening her beautiful home to us.


I mean, they’re freaking adorable puppies… they’re all smooshy and goofy so you can’t go wrong with any of them! When Fetching Tails Foundation pulled

Elinor – Sweet and snuggly

Wilbur – Goofy and sleepy dude

Louise – Firecracker and hilarious

Bessie – Lowkey and lovely

Orville – Chunky and amazing


This shirt is from Wholesome Culture and it’s obviously on rotation in my closet. This company gives back a lot to the rescue community and their shirts are adorable.



All photos: Josh Feeney Photography

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