Hey introverts, here are dogs just for you!

And we’re back to fostering. We’ve currently got a little seven-pound dog in our house. Cheese doesn’t know what to think of him. He’s such a good boy, I’ll be sure to tell you all about him in the coming days. You can follow along with our daily adventures by checking out my Instagram stories. We’ve been keeping things chill as he decompresses by watching some TV and working from home. Staying lowkey is pretty much how I like to spend most of my days, it’s the introvert in me.

When I originally heard about ALIVE’s Introvert for Life program, I loved the idea. It was a way for people to understand how some dogs prefer to live. Just like some people enjoy quiet, less stimulating environments, some dogs thrive in those types of environments too. 

The Introvert for Life program is an awesome way of explaining that while some dogs don’t like other dogs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good dogs. These dogs just thrive under quieter circumstances with people who understand them. 

The other thing I love about this program is all the support that comes with the dogs once they’re adopted. ALIVE provides one on one training to introverts while they’re in their forever homes. This helps with the transition for the dog and their new humans. 

Beyond the training, other aspects of the program include a sponsored adoption fee, a cute bandana, and of course, a lifetime of love.

There are plenty of reasons why I love ALIVE and this just another aspect of their mission that I support. They don’t shy away from the shy dogs and they’re willing to spend a good amount of time making sure pets in their care find the right home. 


Root Beer – This beautiful Aussie mix came to ALIVE Rescue from a hoarding situation. She was slow to trust people but after lots of love, she’s decided people aren’t so bad. Root Beer is a young, 30-pound girl full of energy. Of course, she’d love a home without any other animals and would do best with adults who understand her. A bonus if you’ve got a yard!

Wendy – I didn’t get to see this girl when I worked with Root Beer, but she’s another member of the Introvert for Life program. Wendy is a total lover who simply wants to be your one and only. Wendy was locked in a closet for weeks after her owner died so it’s no wonder she’d like to go slow with her forever people. She’s so sweet and a favorite of so many volunteers. 


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All photos: Margaret Rajic


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  1. I had no idea they had Rescue styles for “introverted dogs”. That’s genius!! Anything to help people & animals connect in the best way to benefit them both is amazing!

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