hanging in Copenhagen.

I’ve been home almost a full week and I’m still somehow exhausted from traveling. I’m not sure if it’s the jet lag or just getting back to the daily grind, but I’m beat. TGIF kids.

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Anyways, my first half of the trip in Iceland was incredible, read more about it here, but Copenhagen has now become one of my favorite cities. In fact, throughout the trip, Chris and I wondered how hard it would be to move to Denmark. Answer: hard. So we enjoyed it while we could and it may be my second favorite foreign city, right behind Edinburgh

So what made it so special? The charming streets, amazing food, and the top-notch shopping are hard to beat. You’ll notice in my Iceland post, I focused on the animal aspect of the trip, but the other half of my blogging journey is fashion and this city truly inspired me to step up my game.

 To be honest, I’ve felt slightly uninspired lately in terms of my fashion. It’s hard to constantly seek out outfits that not only make great photos but are also items that I’d normally wear. I want to show outfits that you’d find me wearing while out and about (sweatpants aside) and I don’t want to be something I’m not. I certainly am not a fashion expert, but I enjoy putting together outfits that are approachable and relatable. 

I feel invigorated coming back from Copenhagen. Not only did I take a bit of a break from the world of media, but I charged my style batteries. Copenhagen is known to be trendy, minimalist and fashion forward and I wholeheartedly agree. I could have spent weeks shopping the boutiques and designer stores. The people were effortlessly chic, it reminded me of Paris but with an edge and IDGAF attitude that I admired. 

Before I talk about my favorite (and not so favorite) trends, here are a few quick tips:

If you’re going to Copenhagen, let me know, I have so many other recommendations, but let’s dive into the fashion, yeah? I’m excited for fall and the trends I saw in Denmark and translating them here in the States. So, I figured I’d share the top five trends I noticed and whether or not I’m into them.

1. Silk sets – out. These have been making their way into stores slowly, but in Copenhagen, they were everywhere. Matching silk pajama-inspired tops and bottoms that screamed lazy Sunday. While I’d love to be in for the comfort factor, I couldn’t shake my Limited Too pajama past.


2. Sneakers – so in. Yes, I know gym shoes are a thing here too, but women (and men) in wore them with EVERYTHING. You know those commuters who wear sneakers with skirts and blouses to and from the office? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. In fact, all these pictures feature sneakers and I’m all onboard with this comfortable trend, my feet are too.

3. Athletic suits – out…for now. Every store had an impressive amount of adidas and athletic clothing. Like the silk sets, these are also meant to be paired together and a more luxurious look than athleisure. Comfortable? Yes. Office appropriate? lol, no.


4. Cropped pants – in. From jeans to slacks, everything was cropped above the ankle and I liked it. I mean, what better way to show off those fall booties (and sneakers)? You’ll see me rocking this trend next week!


5. Victorian Collars – all in. I’ve been searching out high neck shirts for the past year to no avail. I was happy to see that Copenhagen had plenty to quench my fashion thirst. I really really think it’s just a matter of time before you’ll see similar blouses here too.


What’d you think? Any of the trends surprise you? Let me know what trends you’re down to try in the comments below!



Not at all related to Copenhagen, but I wanted to get these pictures of this girl up on the blog asap.


Taffy is a special needs dog looking for her forever home. She’s had a tough life and has become slightly reactive towards other dogs so she’d do well with advanced owners. But she’s as cute and cuddly as they come, I mean look at her! For more information about Taffy, click here.



I’ve partnered with LC Lauren Conrad to show off some cute fall clothes (a company that supports adoption is the best company). To transition to cooler weather, I threw this sweater over an old summer dress. With the cross body bag and booties, I am ready for this fall weather.


Shop the look below!



Pawssip Girl

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    1. Copenhagen is one of my most favorite places!! I think the only foreign city I like better is Edinburgh. Thanks for reading!

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