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Finally! I’m getting around to writing about the seven little monsters and mama cat staying in my home. As I mentioned, I’m currently fostering eight kitties right now and yes, my husband is a saint. They are here for about another week, and then I’ll be bringing them back to the Anti-Cruelty Society. Once there, they’ll be spayed and neutered and be ready for adoption. I’d love to find them homes before they head back to the shelter, so please share these little cuties! I’ll write a whole post on my experience with them, but today, I wanted to share what I’ve found to be essentials for fostering kittens.

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Odor Control

This was my husband’s major concern with fostering eight cats. Our last litter seemed to be really stinky so I wanted to be ahead of the game and try to keep it under control as best I could. Here are some tricks I learned.

Fresh Wave Spray: I didn’t want to mask the odor and have the room smelling of poopy pineapple pizzaz so I got this spray that actually gets rid of the odor. Can’t recommend this enough.

Odor absorber: I have about 4 different odor absorbers around the room. I stuck one over the largest litter box, two on counters and small ones amongst towels. Together they’re definitely working well.

Air purifier: This was my first purchase and I am thankful for it. It constantly works to freshen the air and keeps awful smells at bay. We bought two, one in their room and one in our front hallway to keep our condo from smelling like a crazy cat lady’s house.

Clean Up

First, above all I mentioned above, cleaning the litter box at least three times a day is key. And with all that, I’ve gathered a few tips to make things easier. 

Rubber gloves: The number one essential cleaning item. Kittens are messy and the last thing I want is to be putting my hand in someone’s morning bowel movement. Get gloves first and forever be thankful.

Pee pads: Yes, kittens learn how to use litter boxes, but it certainly took them a while. To ensure our floors wouldn’t be totally covered in kitty waste, I put down pee pads. Not only does it absorb missed bathroom attempts, it also eases cleanup.

Baby wipes: Of course I had toilet paper and paper towels, but nothing works more multi-purpose than wet wipes. From accidents to mini-baths, these things are so handy.


Of course, you need to have the basics on hand while taking care of kittens. Here are the essentials.

Non-clumping litter: It’s very important that you use litter that does not clump when it gets wet. Why? Baby kittens tend to explore with their mouths and eat things. If they ingest clumping litter, this can expand in their stomach and cause many issues. After trying a few kinds of litters, my favorite by far is Feline Pine.

Food: Yes it’s obvious but ask the shelter what they were or plan to feed the cats. That way, you can keep their diet as consistent as possible.

Litter boxes: I started out with one large litter box, that was a mistake. Kittens were pooping in the corners of the room so a friend recommended I place litter boxes there. Total game changer. I can only fit three litter boxes in their space, but I’d add more if I could.

What they don’t tell you

I’ll get into my total experience and emotions once I send these little monsters back to ACS, but here are a quick couple of highlights.

So, many, cuts: Sure, they’re really ridiculously cute, but do you know how sharp kitten nails claws are? I’ve made the mistake of wearing a thin tee-shirt while hanging with them, never again. It’s pants and long sleeves from here on out.

So, much, poop: Turns out seven kittens and a mama cat frequently make use of the beautiful litter boxes I got them. Yes, I’m a proud foster mom but it’s constant poop duty.

So, much, cuteness: My parents FaceTime with me almost every night to watch the kittens play around. Their antics are absolutely hilarious and they’re constantly making me giggle. When they quiet down for nap time, that’s when they become the cutest little kitties and all the hard work (poop-scooping) is worth it.

This list isn’t nearly comprehensive, but it’s a good baseline of what you’ll need and what you can expect from temporarily having many kittens in your home. I’m having an absolute blast watching them grow and I’ll be sure to tell you all about the experience once I give them back (or keep them all and become Crazy Cat Lady Christine… tbd).


There are seven little kitties and a mama looking for their forever home! They’ll be available for adoption in the coming weeks, but I would love to find committed homes for them now. Take a peek below and share their photos so we can find them happy homes!


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