Feral Female, the start of a new chapter

Welcome to a new era for Rescue in Style. One that is going to be so much fun. It’s Friday, and I’m launching a product. WHAT. I am beyond excited to finally share this with you. I’m so proud of this new venture and I hope you are as obsessed as I am. I hope you’re ready to be a Feral Female.

The past few months I’ve been toying with the idea of creating products that could both sustain this blog while also supporting the rescues I write about. It became more of a reality when my husband introduced me to a friend of his that creates tees. It was like the universe was urging me forward, nudging me in this direction. Let me tell you, when the universe speaks, I (try to) listen.

There are a lot of amazing companies out there creating clothes that support animal welfare. When I sat down to create a shirt, I knew I wanted it to be something I hadn’t seen in rescue before. I wanted mine to be different, I wanted it to reflect who I am at my core. That’s why this tee, while simple, speaks to a few things I’m passionate about.

Feral, for obvious reasons, refers to my love for all animals. Specifically, the ones who aren’t easy to handle. It’s the animals that have had a hard life and are making it on their own. Ferals are the ones that use their streets smarts to survive and thrive in harsh environments.

I chose feral because, to me, it describes the awakening I’ve felt these past years. Feral is defined as, “in a wild state, especially after escape from capture or domestication.” I feel as a woman, I’m finding my feral. I have never been one to describe myself as “wild,” in fact, I’m a major rule follower. But I’m fed up with the status quo of so many areas in our current society. In a way, I’m a feral female.

Before starting Rescue in Style, I was the Director of Communications for the UN Women Chicago Chapter. As a founding Board member, I played a role in developing the chapter and shaping the brand. I learned so much from the women I worked with and will always continue to be vocal about gender equality.

This Feral Female shirt will help support ALIVE Rescue. They are the rescue that goes above and beyond for our feral animals. They take them in, give them care, and help them become adoptable pets in loving homes. And it doesn’t hurt that ALIVE is a serious badass group of feral females. Kristen Gerali, the founder of ALIVE, is one of the fiercest women I know. PS: Join us NEXT FRIDAY for the ALIVE Rescue gala! I will be there and I cannot wait!

I hope you are as excited about this new chapter of Rescue in Style as I am. This tee speaks to me and I hope it does to you. Let’s go girls.


Chester – This white pup was born into the ALIVE Rescue family. He’s the sweetest little puppy and, for a puppy, fairly low-key. He is absolutely adorable and is some sort of Shar-Pei/pittie mix. Chester’s little wrinkles give me so much joy. For more information about Chester, click here.

Goose – Oh, did you want a “puppy” puppy. Here’s Goose. This ball of energy came in through CRISP and loves to play. He’s good with other dogs and is ready to snuggle up in your arms asap. For more details on this little dude, click here.


Duh, if you haven’t yet, you can shop the Feral Female tee here. I paired it with my favorite faux leather jack, jeans, and booties. You can shop the rest of the look below!




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