dream big, hustle hard.

Man oh man, it’s Friday! Is anyone getting sick of me stating the obvious? Thinking to yourself, “Yes Christine, it’s Friday, we all know this now please move along.” Okay great. Glad we’ve covered that. Maybe I’ll start these posts with a joke or a fun fact about pets. Maybe then these won’t start out as such a CAT-astrophe!! …is this mic on?

Alright, moving right along. Something that came up recently in one of my blogger group chats was how much work is it to blog and how to balance it all with a full-time job. There were a few grunts and groans and tons of positive encouragement while people talked about their struggles. While reading through and catching up on the chat, I could definitely feel their pain.

Blogging is a lot of work. Like, a lot. I wake up two hours early to answer emails, schedule phone calls and sit down at the old trusty laptop to unload my feelings into these posts. Constantly engaging in Instagram to get more followers, reaching out to like-minded accounts to collaborate, attempted to tweet, pin and post my life away…it can be a lot. Not to mention actually going to the shelters and getting to take pictures with the dogs (by FAR my favorite part of the entire process). All-in-all, I spend close to 30 hours a week blogging my little heart out. And let me tell you, I could definitely be doing way, way more.

Add to that an actual job (read: paycheck) and a husband who likes to see my face from time to time? Yeah, you can say I’m busy. I will give full disclosure and here though, my finance job is really flexible and I can work from home once a week which allows me to spend whatever time I’m normally commuting (aka hours of my day) on the blog.

Now, I’m not writing this post to complain, in fact, quite the opposite. I’m ecstatic  I never really had fulfillment in my career and when I began this blogging adventure, it was a fun way for me to show off adoptable pets to a new audience. After working on it for almost six months, I have come to the conclusion that I’m no longer just blogging, I’m starting a business. I’m hustling.

So when I get overwhelmed with my to-do list, I think of all the other startup companies and small businesses out there. Nothing was created overnight with out a ton of leg work. It’s a grind. I know this because I work for a small business and I know what it’s like to get one off the ground. It’s a constant hustle.

I want to provide this platform to shelters all over Chicago (and one day the world!) at absolutely no-cost. Shelters already have plenty of bills to pay and I’m not looking to take any money out of their shallow pockets. Instead, I’m creating business opportunities for brands to be a part of something bigger. I’m asking them to make a fashionable social statement with me and they’re responding!

If you’ve noticed, there’s a new addition to the blog: a disclosure page. While I’ve been growing this blog, I’ve never wanted to become something you can’t trust. It was important to me that you all know exactly when I’ve been given clothes to wear or when a brand has partnered with me for a product. The rules and regulations for bloggers and sponsorship are still not clear, but it’s important that I am.

Sometimes I get worried that people will think I’m “selling out” or that this blog will become solely about money. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I really wish I could spend money and not take a dime from brands, but sadly my husband isn’t totally on board with me being a stay-at-home cat mom (I’ve asked) and it’s important to me to continue contributing to our household. I love bringing a paycheck and splurging when I make a sale (hello commission, my friend) so I won’t do this blog full-time unless it can sustain itself.

In the meantime, while I continue to align myself with brands I believe in and chase that paper, I’ll be over here working hard and not looking back. I’m working to make sure these dogs (and I promise the cats are coming!) are given their spotlight. That they have a chance to smile for their closeup and that they find their forever home.

Are you a fellow hustler? What advice do you have? Let me know in the comments below!


If you ever wanted to know what the perfect model pup looks like, meet Jade. If you saw last week’s post total ego-shattering post, you’ll understand it can be tough to capture a pup’s personality while they sit pretty. Well, no problem for this girl. Jade is a pit bull mix in her prime looking for her forever home. She was absolutely so sweet and was more than ready to have her picture taken. I would recommend an active household because of her high energy, but after a nice long walk, she’s totally ready to hang out on your lap.

The second lady is also still looking for her forever home and really would just prefer to sit in your air conditioned home and hang. Fefe craves all kinds of attention and will be your best friend forever if you’re willing to give her a cuddle. Her smile is contagious and she’ll be sure to bring all the happiness to her forever home.


So, I would say the timing of this shirt is pretty perfect. I bought it at Evereve and knew I had to have it. It’s one of the softest tees I currently own and I would wear this with just about anything. I’ve paired it here with some of my favorite pleather pink shorts and Frye slip ons. You’d easily find me in this look for a brunch or out to dinner with my hubs. Shoes and similar shorts linked below!


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