Dog (and cat!) sleepovers are here!

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope you had the best time celebrating. Is everyone starting off their 2019 with an intention? Chris and I stayed in this New Years and it was absolutely wonderful. You know what else is wonderful (look at that transition!)? Fostering. I’ve talked about why it’s important before, but I know it’s not for everyone. I think most people are concerned about the time commitment. Well, ALIVE has changed all of that! So, if you’re looking to spend just a few nights with a furry friend, I’ve got the perfect program for you!

ALIVE Rescue launched its Weekend Pet Away in order to cater to those with busy schedules! You can now take home an animal for a short weekend. It’s like a puppy (or kitty) sleepover.

People tell me they’d like to foster but they simply aren’t ready to have a pet for multiple weeks/months. I get it! I’m constantly on the move with traveling and attending events. It’s hard to find a solid chunk of time that I can be home for. Plus, up until recently, I worked in an office from 9-5. I was hardly able to spend time with my animals, let alone others. Signing up for a few weeks can be intimidating.

Besides the time, I know that a huge reason people don’t foster is thatthey are worried about falling in love and saying goodbye. I mean, it’s definitely part of the process when you’re caring for an animal for a couple of weeks or months. Each time I’ve returned a foster I’m left a little heartbroken. It’s so bittersweet and if you didn’t get attached, I’d be concerned.

So when I heard the ALIVE had a program that allowed people to take a pet home for the weekend, I was immediately on board. Weekend Pet Away offers short-term fostering for those unable or afraid to commit to a long-term foster! You can pick up the pup (or kitty) on Friday evening, and drop him off Sunday morning.

It’s the best of both worlds because you get to give an animal a break from shelter life and take care of a furry pal for a mere 36 hours. As I’ve mentioned previously, getting dogs out of their kennels and into a home environment is so beneficial. Their stress levels decrease even after just one day.

The Weekend Pet Away program is good for any ALIVE pet, but the main goal is getting the long-term animals into a home. It would give them a break from shelter life and allow them to decompress. Most of their longer term dogs are ones that absolutely adore humans but have a harder time with other canines. So, it’s the perfect way for those without their own dog to get their puppy fix!

Not only do the animals get a break (and a comfortable couch), we also get a glimpse into their personalities in a home setting. For example, you can see how the animal does and what makes them unique. It’s a great way to develop their biography and snap eye-catching photos to add to their adoption profile. When I fostered little Alejandro over Thanksgiving, I was able to build out his profile with some cute photos and funny bullet points. He was adopted a few short weeks after he went back to his long-term foster.

Speaking of adding to their profile, you’ll also be marketing the animal to a brand new audience. Let’s be real, you’ll be taking lots of pics of your weekend guest and posting them to your social media pages. Your network is most likely a brand new group of people that may not be familiar with ALIVE and its animals. You never know who may see your post and then inquire about that animal. You’re basically being that animal’s hype person and it’s pretty amazing.

If having a weekend sleepover with a furry friend for the weekend sounds fun, you can sign up here. After you complete the ALIVE foster/adoption application, someone will reach out and set up the next step. ALIVE will provide absolutely everything you’ll need, all you’re responsible for is lots and lots of love.

PSST: you can even get some matching PJs for the sleepover bc duh. Check out Tooth & Honey!


Pippen and her wrinkles are happily in their forever home but check out all the cutest puppies that ALIVE has and go get one asap!


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    1. Exactly! 36 hours is enough to fall in love (for sure!) but it’s not quite as tough to give them back at the end of the weekend. It’s a win for everybody! Thanks for reading 🙂

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